Balcony garden in July … ripening raspberries …

It seems that I got it wrong. The two raspberries plants that I have do not belong to the autumn fruiting variety … but to the summer one! They have got to be … because … we have not even hit mid-summer and they have already started to ripen!

So now that I know that they are both summer fruiting raspberry plants … I shall have to remember not to cut all the branches once fruiting season is over, but only those that have borne fruit this year. So that hopefully next year, they will produce even more raspberries! Well … one can hope and dream, right? 😉

SAM_5038 B

The yellow raspberry plants when it was flowering in early June. The flower buds started to open a day after I had posted an entry on the raspberry plants last month … a day too late to be included in that entry!

SAM_5036 B

And the flowers of the red raspberry plant … easily recognisable by their reddish tint. These flowers were magnets for the black ants and I often found them hiding among the flowers. As we shall be eating these berries … so no insecticide was used to get rid of the ants, not even with the organic insecticide we bought. Instead, I painstakingly picked off the ants with a tweezer! The same with the few aphids that I found on some of the strawberries.

SAM_6136 B

Four weeks later … and nearly all the blooms have developed into small little berries. It was such a pleasure to have been able to see the berries slowly getting bigger and bigger over the course of the past few weeks.

SAM_6132 B

Although the red raspberry plant is not as bushy as the yellow one … nevertheless, it produces just as many raspberries as the yellow variety. And although it started to form buds later than the yellow one … the fruit have ripened earlier!


It was about one week ago when I first noticed that a few of the raspberries had changed colour. Needless to say, I was very excited when I saw them! 😀


And slowly but surely over the past one week, more …

SAM_6602 B

… and more of the raspberries are turning a beautiful shade of red. As the red raspberry plant is not bushy, it was hard not to miss the red little berries as I went about working on the balcony.

SAM_6611 B

The yellow raspberries are trailing a little in the ripening process. But not really that far behind lah.

SAM_6609 B

It is okay with me that both have not ripened at exactly the same time … so that the season lasts a little longer.

SAM_6598 B

Anyway, yesterday evening, I decided to pick a few of the red raspberries that I felt were ripe enough … so that I would not leave them unintentionally too late for picking (as I did with some of the strawberries since I do not check on the ripening berries everyday). It seems that it was timely that I did so …


… because I could see that a few had indeed started to dry up a little for having left the picking until a bit late.


And then as I was moving the plants around to do some trimming of dried leaves this morning …I spotted a red raspberry (above) as well as a yellow one that had dropped off the plants!


Oh yessss …. raspberry picking season has definitely arrived on my balcony garden! hehehe … 😀

SAM_6650 B

So unlike last year, when I totally missed the raspberry season on my balcony as I had gone for a holiday to Brunei and Sabah, and then to Singapore, … this year, I am happy to be able to finally pick and taste them. Cool!! 🙂

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One thought on “Balcony garden in July … ripening raspberries …

  1. Salam CT,

    Syukur alhamdulilah, berbaloi segala penat lelah bercucuk tanam bila dapat memungut hasilnyakan? Mesti manis rasa raspberries tu.

    Saya pun sama, dah berjaya memetik 15 biji buah labu, beberapa tongkol jagung, cili dan terung. Rasanya tak sama seperti yang dibeli dipasar, dan yang paling penting tiada penggunaan racun serangga.

    Tempohari you balik France mesti ada ambil gambar kan? Senang-senang nanti you buat entry tentang tanaman kat sana ya. Saya tunggu…hehehe..!


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