Balcony garden in June … the beans are coming … !

I am not sure whether you have noticed the size of the broad bean plants in yesterday’s post. They have certainly grown up and sideways, too … since I last shared pictures of the blooms in April. But since it is a dwarf variety, the plants will not grow overly tall lah.

I have been checking thoroughly the plants for ants and aphids almost on a daily basis … to make sure that there will not be a repeat of what had happened last year.  And I am excited to say … that maybe this year, I will be luckier with the broad beans … because … I just realised four days ago … that the broad bean plants had started to pod! Yeayyy!! 😀

I was so excited at seeing the beans that I took quite a number of shots of them! hehehe …


The broad bean plants four days ago … before the major shifting that I did to accommodate the tomatoes and a few other plants …


… and when I first noticed the bean pods that had formed … only because I was trying to take snapshots of a bee enjoying the blooms! 🙂


And the same bean pods …  two days later. Once the pods have started forming, they certainly become big quite fast!


I am pretty sure that if I can continue to keep the ants and the black aphids away from the new blooms that form near the top … I should be able to get a reasonable number of broad beans this year.


They look good, are they not? Ahhh …. finally, I will get to enjoy some fresh broad beans this summer! But maybe … I should not start counting my chickens before they are hatched (or in this case, my beans before they are harvested!) 😀

However, the broad bean plants are not the only one that have started to pod.

SAM_5115. B

One of the bean plants here has also started to pod. Not the dwarf runner bean plant … which is the biggest of the three … but the tiny plant with the blue clip.


This is the only runner bean plant that survived the long wait to get onto the balcony. I lost two others while waiting for the weather to turn warm. It started flowering quite early (even before I repotted it outside) … but was affected by the chilly spring weather in late May. And these second flush of blooms at the beginning of June, which I had hoped would develop into beans … dropped off about a week ago, with not a single one developed into pod! Haizzz …


But this tiny plant (only a few inches tall) … with an equally tiny and nondescript looking flowers which hardly look like flowers to me … and which I had been wondering when it would ever get bigger … had actually managed to spring a surprise on me.

SAM_5120. A

It may be really tiny … even tinier than the Tom Thumb pea plant and was among the last of the several varieties of beans to be sown … but on the day I discovered that the broad bean plants had started to pod, I saw that this Andante green bean plant was also doing the same! And the beans were so skinny and tiny.


And the Andante beans as they are this morning … still skinny but longer. I had bought the seeds online, not expecting the plant and the beans to be as tiny as they are. But then … they look very cute … too cute to pick, in fact! 🙂


Another of this tiny plant is just about to bloom … so maybe in another week or so, I might get a few more tiny green beans. Not enough to make a meal … I know. To have more, I will have to sow more seeds lah … which I am definitely going to do!

But then … they can always be added to the other vegetables that I am growing on the balcony.

Golden sweet pea and broan bean tips

Like for dinner yesterday … I added freshly picked golden sweet peas, broad bean shoots and white onions to supermarket-bought mushrooms to make a stir fried vegetables.

Harvest from balcony garden

And then, a few radishes with some mix greens for salads. Not a five course dinner, definitely … but enough to make a simple meal which the hubby and I enjoyed. And also the added pleasure of picking them, myself! 😀

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