Balcony garden in June … peas, peas and more peas … !

In case you had wondered ( … or maybe you did not, but I will still tell! :)) … how the other pea plants are doing in my balcony garden, apart from the little Tom Thumb, I would say that they are doing quite well. Especially the golden sweet peas.

I spotted the first flower of the golden sweet pea a few weeks ago and since then … more and more flowers have bloomed and quite a number had developed into pods. In fact, I tasted my first golden sweet pea pod … raw and freshly picked from the plant …  a little over a week ago. And it was sweet and delicious!

Unlike the dwarf Tom Thumb or the sugar snap peas which have ordinary white blooms… the golden sweet peas, on the other hand, have colourful blooms … so that it is not only edible but also decorative, too! My kind of plant, definitely!

The sugar snap peas have only just recently started blooming … so no pea pod or peas to try as yet as the only pod right now is still not big enough. But the golden sweet peas and Tom Thumb peas … they are definitely ready for harvesting.

Unfortunately, I do not grow enough to be able to make a full meal out of them … as I prefer to choose variety over quantity in growing my balcony garden. Still … it was just as nice to be able to pick and enjoy whatever few pods that I could get each time … fresh! 🙂


My pea plants growing up the strings tied to the frame of the greenhouse shelf. I planted a mixture of sugar snap peas and golden sweet peas in the same container and at the same time. But from the look of it, the golden sweet peas is the winner … both in term of attractiveness and the speed of growth and production!


The sugar snap peas had only just recently started blooming … and the plain white flowers did not excite me as much as those of the golden sweet peas. I might have been more excited with them if they had bloomed before the golden sweet peas. But after seeing the blooms of the golden sweet peas … they somehow pale in comparison.

SAM_5154.jpg A

See what I mean? These are the flowers of the golden sweet peas.  So pretty and colourful. As lovely as the sweet peas of the non-edible kind, I would say … except for the lack of smell! In fact, the flowers can also be found in shades of blue and lilac.


When the bud and flower first starts to form.

SAM_5076.jpg A

When the flower is in full bloom and at its prettiest!

SAM_5137.jpg A

Two different shades of colour on the same set of blooms. The flowers tend to appear in pairs.


Another shade of colour of the golden sweet pea flower.


The white bloom of the sugar snap pea against the blue and lilac blooms of the golden sweet pea.

SAM_5142.jpg A

And two developing pea pods, side by side. Even without telling which is which … I am sure you will be able to guess which one is the golden sweet pea. The colour is a dead giveaway! 😀


I just love the colour of the golden sweet peas … so beautiful! But the yellow colour is more intense when the pods are still small and become less so as the pods ripened.


The pods taste good either eaten raw or cooked!

SAM_5151.jpg A

I just love my golden sweet peas … both the flowers and the pods!


The two pots of dwarf peas (aka Tom Thumb peas) as they were three days ago. As a few of the pods had ripened I decided that it was time to harvest them so that I could start enjoying some fresh peas.


I managed to pick five that had ripened on that day. Not enough for a meal, I know … but enough to enjoy them, definitely! 🙂


I was surprised to see that despite its small size, each pod contained a good number of peas inside.  Not only do they look good … they tasted good, too! And although it was not much even for one person … but of course, I must share them with the hubby lah! After all … he helped me to lug all that soils to grow these babies! 🙂

SAM_5169. A

But today, I got to harvest a few more of the Tom Thumb peas … as well as that of the golden sweet peas! Still not much to make a meal … but it is the joy of growing and harvesting them that is important.


Not only the peas, the hubby and I also got to enjoy some of these juicy strawberries as well as some salads today. Oh yes … slowly but surely, I am starting to reap what I had sown! Yes … I loikeee!! 😀

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