Free pansies for the picking … !

Wild pansies … or more accurately in this case, field pansies … love to grow near colza plants, it would seem!

I saw my first field pansies when we went for a walk to the colza fields nearer to home … and I saw them again as we walked past a field of colza near the garden centre in Assens on Sunday on our way home. And this time, there were lots and lots of them!

I started picking some when I saw my first clump … but ended up picking more as the hubby and I spotted even more of them along the way. So we ended up spending a good 30 minutes or so … picking pansies! And as a result … we ended up getting drenched when the rain later fell as we were heading towards the railway station.

Still it was a fun trip … and we enjoyed ourselves! 😀

SAM_4967 A

The first clump of field pansies that I had spotted (with some forget-me-nots growing nearby). I decided to pick a few of the pansies to bring home with me.

SAM_4973 B

But then … as we walked further, I spotted even more and more of them … oh wow!

SAM_4981 B

In fact … in some clumps, the flowers were quite big … almost as big as the pot of pansies that I had bought from the garden centre. So it was really hard to resist …. not to pick them lah!

And since we would not have made it in time to the railway station for the earlier train even if we had hurried … the hubby decided that I might as well spent the extra time (waiting for the next train) picking as much pansies as I want instead of waiting at the railway station.

Of course … we had not expected the rain to fall later!

Field pansies

So after being given the green light by the hubby … I continued picking the free pansies. I did not really know what I would do with them … but picking them was so much fun that it was difficult to stop! 😉

SAM_4976 B

And soon … even the hubby started to help to pick as well … after I had reminded him that they were edible and that we could add them to salads!

SAM_4993 A

Between the two of us … we picked enough to fill one plastic container. I still do not know what I shall do with them … apart from freezing them in ice cubes. So in the meantime, I am keeping them in the fridge.

SAM_5064 A

But yesterday … I decided to add them into the mix salads picked from the balcony for lunch.  And we both thought that the salads tasted very, very good! 😀


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