A visit to a garden centre in Assens …

We were fortunate to have had some nice sunny days last week … so that I was able to make use of those days to re-plant more seedlings on the balcony. In between the days spent working on the balcony, I managed to pay a visit to my Brazilian friend who has now moved across the lake to France … as well as visiting various garden centres with the hubby to get more soils for my seedlings.

Poor hubby … as we do not drive he, therefore, had to physically lug home some 200 litres of potting soil last week using shopping trolleys!


Altogether, he had to make four separate trips on different days … each time having to carry the bags of soils into buses and métro … in order to make sure that I have enough soils for my gardening need!

But apart from getting me my soils, we had also been visiting the various garden centres to look for some houseplants which the hubby would like to bring with him to his new office. It is not that the hubby had suddenly developed a strong interest in houseplants … but these are plants which are claimed to be useful in reducing indoor pollutants. In particular, the hubby was hoping to get his hands on a plant which is claimed to be good in helping to minimise the effect of electrosmog … the cereus peruvianus!

And yesterday … we finally found this much elusive cactus … at a garden centre located in an area called Assens. Happy that he finally managed to find his ‘babies’, the hubby was, therefore, in a generous mood yesterday.

And so we went home not only with his pots of cereus peruvianus together with cache pots and soil for re-potting … but also two bottles of organic fertilisers, a wide brim hat to provide protection from the glare of the sun for when I am working on the balcony, two pots of orchids, a trowel as well as a pot of cape gooseberry!

Errr … it looked as if I was the one who ended up doing most of the shopping, huh? 😀

SAM_4856 A

Arriving in the small village of Assens. It was our first time in the village.

SAM_4861 A

A very small … but very clean and beautiful village … I must say!

SAM_4868 A

The village square … with the usual water fountain as its main feature!

SAM_4869 A

An old stone church and an old farmhouse next to it.

Flower beds

The kind of flowers beds which are commonly found here.

SAM_4896 A

As we took the wrong turn, we ended doing a long walk through the countryside …

SAM_4899 A

… passing along many of the agricultural fields in the area.

SAM_4924 A

After walking for sometime … we finally spotted the garden centre in the distance!

SAM_4932 A

It seemed that we would have to cross these wheat fields in order to reach the garden centre … haizz …

Reaching garden centre

So instead of taking 20 minutes to reach the garden centre, Andréfleurs, from the railway station in the village … we took much longer than that! Thankfully, the plant that the hubby was looking for was indeed in stock and he happily bought several for his new office as well as for our home!

SAM_4963 A

Hubby carrying his new ‘babies’ in a box … as we made our way back to the railway station in the village … passing by one of several colza fields in the area.

SAM_4961 A

We might have avoided getting drenched when it later started to rain … if we had not stopped for some time at this field to pick something which I saw growing in abundance here. But I will share more on what we picked here in the next entry lah.

SAM_5043 A

In the meantime … these are the hubby’s precious babies after I had re-potted them today … cereus peruvianus! He would have liked them to be bigger but, unfortunately, only this particular size is available. These will join him when he goes to the office … along with a few other plants that we had bought last week … to protect him from electrosmog and pollutants in the office.


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