Balcony garden in June … salad greens …

After weeks of awful weather, it seems that the weather might be changing … finally!

We had some nice sunshine yesterday afternoon … and today, although it is a little windy, it looks like it will be another sunny afternoon. And despite some rain being forecast for this week … there will also be sunshine, too. It is about time, I’ll say!

So as soon as the sun came out and the temperature went up, I wasted no time in going out onto the balcony and did some gardening. Maybe I should wait a little … but I am getting a little impatient and decided that I will take my chances and so started planting out my bean and cucumber seedlings yesterday!

I had hope to do more planting today .. but first, I will need to get more soils. I had underestimated my soil need … overlooking the fact that I am adding a number of dustbins, buckets as well as grow bags to plant more vegetables this year. So after using up all the soils that I had to plant my seedlings … I then used the rest of the nice sunny afternoon doing what I do best — rearranging my pots and containers on the balcony hehehe … 😀

Anyway to kickstart the progress report on my edible balcony garden for the month of June, here is the latest update … on my salad greens.

Not all the salad seeds that I sowed germinated. Strangely, this year the ‘Brune d’Amerique‘ or American Brown salads (which I had bought and grew last year) failed to germinate. I tried sowing them twice and both times failed. Oh well … I will try again a bit later lah!

SAM_4577 A

For now … these ‘Lettuce Rocky Top Mix’ provide more than enough salad greens to meet our need. They are supposed to be a little colourful … but look more green, instead!

SAM_4573 A

They looked so good that it felt almost a shame to have to cut them … to fill our stomach!

DSCN7427 A

But then … that is the whole purpose of growing them … for eating and most definitely not so that I could admire them! So … we have started having them with our meals lah. 🙂

SAM_4691 A

These ‘Feuille de chêne’ salad greens are from the seeds that I harvested two years ago from the plants that had bolted. They were sown at about the same time as that of ‘Lettuce Rocky Top Mix’ … but did not grow as quickly … which is nice, as it means that they do not have to be harvested until much, much later!

Since it will not be until many, many weeks later that the carrots, tomatoes or the cucumbers will be ready for harvesting … so that I could add them to the salad leaves … so …

SAM_4503 A

… the radish will have to do for now lah!. Although they are normally ready for harvesting within a month … this year, they took longer because of the cold spring weather. But better late than never!

SAM_4579 A

As long as I got to reap what I had sown … I am more than happy! Hopefully this year, we will not have to buy any salad greens at all … not even the seedlings, even though I was tempted to do so when I saw the many varieties at the garden centre! 😀

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10 thoughts on “Balcony garden in June … salad greens …

  1. Alhamdullilah, tahniah utk Amalina dan Kak Maz suami-isteri juga kerana dia berjaya dalam pelajaran. Semoga terus sukses! Untung Amalina dapat ke Jordan. I dulu hampir ke Jordan untuk present paper kat library conference tapi last minute conference kena kensel sebab 9/11 terjadi. Kalau tak, dah dapat tengok ancient city kat Petra. 😦

    Pasal address, I tak ingat samada I kasi alamat lengkap. Tapi kalau ada nombor blok (sini tak ada nombor unit) dan nombor poskod, then its the full address.


  2. Salam Ros, sorry lambat reply sebab sibuk dengan anak anak. Boleh, I ada salad china yang boleh share. Email alamat Ros to :
    CT, is your address on the envelope complete? I would like to share this with you too.

    FYI CT, Amalina akan ke university in Jordan to pursue her degree in Arab Language. She is in prep class for 1 month before she goes.


  3. Tak pe CT….pelan-pelan kayuh….nanti lama-lama you akan mahir juga.
    Pokok bunga matahari tu boleh tahan juga tingginya. Yang saya tanam kat sini jejak 7 kaki tinggi dan bunganya besar sekali. Nanti you adjustlah kat mana nak letak ya,,,,dapat juga saya tengok bila you post entry baru.


  4. I masak memasak nk Ros memang tak berapa minat sebab kreativiti dalam hal ehwal memasak tak ada. Lambat nak tangkap. Tapi kalau lain2 hal bolehlah jugak. Sunflower yang you kasi benih tu berapa tinggi tumbuhnya? Supaya I tahu mana nak letak sebab dah semakin membesar dan harus dipindahkan tak lama lagi.


  5. Betul la CT..!..kat sini pun ada raga tu bila musim buah laici…betul-betul you ni kreatif la …

    Salam Kak Maz…saya berhajat nak kongsi behih tanaman dengan Kak Maz…boleh tak ?


  6. Kak Maz, great to hear that your tomatoes dah keluar bunga. Tak lama nanti, dapatlah merasa hasilnya! 😀
    Sini the weather is still not all that warm yet. Temperature masih turun naik, Boring. I lost a lot of seedlings because of the lousy weather this year. Asyik nak kena semai!


  7. CT, they really look so, so good. Enjoy! Mine, chinese salad, habis kering sebab terlalu panas, btw, the tomatoes dah keluar bunga……..


  8. Itu bakul dapat masa beli buah limau masa masih tinggal kat Sg. Bila I pindah ke Lausanne, I bawak sekali! I know pasti akan ada gunanya satu hari nanti. Ha, betul pun! hehehe .. I memang suka bakul rotan, banyak jugak I bawak dari Sg.:D


  9. Segar-segar belaka…! Cantik bekas tempat awak tanam salad tu, macam raga rotan kan ?


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