Smitten with wild violas …

I was walking slowly from one colza field to another that evening … when I happened to notice these wild violas growing among the tall grasses by the country road. I had seen several  of them much earlier just before we reached the fields … but they were of the more common variety known as purple sweet violets. But these … the ones that I spotted growing among the tall grasses were just so dainty and cute that I was really quite smitten with them. So smitten … that before going home, I tried pulling a few of them … hoping that I could get them with their roots so that I could try growing them at home on our balcony. Unfortunately, they seemed quite fragile and the stems broke when I pulled a little too hard .. haizz …

It was too bad that I did not bring a mini trowel with me during the walk so that I could have used it to gently unearth the plants with their roots intact. But then … who brings a trowel while going for walks, right? Especially since I was going to class first, and then to the supermarket … before going on our walk to the colza fields!

The hubby said that I will simply have to go back to the same place … this time with a trowel (and maybe even a small pot?) … if I still intend to pinch some of these wild violas from the roadside. I must say that I was really tempted to do so. But on second thought … errr … I think that, maybe, I will just let them grow in the wild lah! I doubt that I will appreciate them as much or that I will get overly excited at the sight of them … if I have them growing on my balcony! 😉


After all … I had already bought a small pot of pansies at the start of spring. So there are already some violas or pansies to grace my balcony … and my salads (since they are edible)!

But you know me … always a sucker for anything that I can get free in the wild! hehehe … 😀


These are the more common wild violas that could be found even closer to home … purple sweet violets. I like them too. But the ones that caught my fancy were the ones below … wild pansies.


It was this cute little thing that first stopped me in my track … as I was walking slowly by the roadside trying to catch up with the hubby who was further ahead. When I saw it … all thoughts of trying to catch up with the hubby was pushed aside and I just had to stop to snap photos of it for my gallery of wildflowers. Do you not find the purplish spots on the top two petals so adorable? It reminded me of the bunny ears! 😀


This was the clump where I found the above cute wild pansy.  Most of them were white with a yellow bit on the bottom petal … except for a few that have some purplish spot on the two upper petals.


Unlike their cultivated and more colourful cousins, these wild violas or wild pansies are very small and seemed so fragile.


When we got near the second colza field, I was so excited to see more of these wild violas! The one above has slight purplish hue on the two upper petals (although it might be difficult to see on this picture).


And just a few metres away, I saw a few more violas … this time all white but with yellow tinge on the single lower petal. And so I spent several more minutes trying to take some nice shots of the cute flowers.


I wanted badly to be able to bring back a plant or two with their roots intact to try and grow them at home, especially the one with the bunny ears. But I was frustrated when I kept breaking the stalks or the roots for pulling a little too hard.

Sooo … as a consolation, I decided to pick some of the flowers instead.

SAM_4133 A

And as soon as we arrived back home … I quickly rinsed the wild violas and placed them in ice-cube containers filled with water so that I could freeze them into ice cubes. I think that they will make a pretty addition to my lemongrass cordial in summer. I loikeeee! 😀

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