A gallery of wildflowers in May …

Since today is the last day for the month of May … it is time to share my gallery of wildflowers lah! I did not think that I took that many photos of the wildflowers this month … but surprisingly when I was uploading the photos onto this entry … I realised that I did not take that few, either! hehehe … 😀

And here they are …


Tall or giant buttercup … quite a common flower normally found near roadside. This was taken near the entrance to the Botanical Gardens in Zurich … but there are plenty of these yellow flowers growing closer to home, too.


Primula elatior (taken in Fribourg old town), which belongs to the same genus as the primrose. I later saw a small clump growing near home but it was soon gone when the area was cleared to make way for future residential blocks! Arrrgghhh …


Unidentified tiny yellow flowers that I saw at the Botanical Gardens in Fribourg.

SAM_2817 A

Although I had shared photos of speedwell flowers in April, I could not resist sharing them again as I took quite a number of them when we went to the Botanical Gardens in Fribourg. There were many of them growing all over the Gardens (on their own, I believe). While the ones above are completely blue in colour …


… the ones here … have petals which are mostly light blue except for the bottom petal that is blue. This is in contrast to the ones that I saw in Italy (which have petals that are mostly blue except for the bottom petal that is almost white).

I later took photos of the wildflowers that I saw during our walk to the countryside to look at the colza fields at Epalinges. I did not have the time to snap every single wildflower that I saw as we wanted to make sure that we reached the colza fields on time to catch the late evening sun rays … but it seems that I managed to snap enough! 🙂


Wild geraniums.


Daisies. These daisies are slightly bigger and have a much longer stalk than the ones growing on the open spaces near home … so I could not resist taking a few shots of them. 🙂


Although there was nothing attractive about this particular flowers growing beside the country road … I thought they made a beautiful picture given the contrast with the clear blue sky that day.


A pink clover.


The nearly spent bloom of a plantain plant.


‘Forget-me-not’ growing among the tall grasses by the country road.


‘Spring vetch’ which reminded me a little of the blooms on my pea and bean plants.

Yellow flower

Another belonging to the buttercup family. They caught my interest because some of the flowers had petals with white patches as if the yellow colour on the petals had been rubbed off!


And last but not least …  ‘Baby’s Slippers’ or ‘Bird’s Foot Clover’.

Well … actually there is still one more variety of wildflower that had caught my interest during our walk to the colza fields. I liked the flowers so much that I not only spent quite some time trying to take several shots of them (even getting the hubby to help me to take some good shots as well) … I even tried unearthing a few to try to grow at home! But I shall share more of that flowers in the next entry lah! 😉

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