Balcony garden in May … under the onslaught of very late snow …

In case some of you have been wondering whether it snowed last week as was forecast by MéteoSuisse … the title says it all and the pictures below show you how it was for me and the plants.

DSCN7386 A

I was expecting the snow to fall during the night (when the temperature tends to be at its lowest) … but it fell on a Saturday afternoon!

SAM_4516 A

It started as the usual rain … and then suddenly turned into iceballs.


It certainly was quite noisy as the iceballs hit the ground … and it filled the pots and containers very, very quickly!

SAM_4515 A

I was in such a panic for my plants that I grabbed whatever I could find on hand … including buckets and empty pots … to protect the more fragile plants … in particular the heat-loving ones.

SAM_4525 A

I wished I could have covered all of them … but it was simply too much work … so I had to leave the rest to the mercy of the falling iceballs and cold rain!

SAM_4526 A

However, I also pulled some plants close to the balcony door for some protection. Thankfully, the snowfall or rather the rain of iceballs did not last very long … and soon started to melt. But as I made my way to do our weekly grocery shopping later, I could see cars and the ground covered with a thin layer of snow. It felt a little strange to be seeing snow on the ground when we were already nearing the end of May. Up in the mountains, the snow fell quite heavily that afternoon so that despite being in late spring people were dressed in winter gear (the hubby even saw some patches here and there when he went running to Mauvernay, only some 170m higher)!

This has certainly been the longest wintry season that I have had the ‘fortune’ to experience in my 4.5 years of living in Lausanne! I can only hope however that this will be the last snowfall for the season … because both I and my plants (which are waiting on the windowsills and near the balcony door) cannot wait to be able to enjoy the warm season outside on the balcony lah!

Oh yes … if you wonder whether there were any casualty as a result of the brief snowfall on that day … I am sad to say that there were! But thankfully, for these plants I have spare ones waiting in the wing to take their place outside on the balcony … pheww!

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