Balcony garden in May … Tom Thumb peas …

After all the sharing on our recent excursions, I think it is time to take a break from showing pictures of our trips … and instead, show some pictures from my balcony garden lah!

I did not get to do much on the balcony as the weather had been really lousy. It had been mostly grey and/or wet for the past weeks and the temperature has been slowly going down … instead of going up!

In fact, a check on the MéteoSuisse earlier today forecast some snow falling at our place either tonight, tomorrow night or Saturday night! Arghh… what is going to happen to my babies on the balcony? Shesssh!! 😦

So just now even though it was raining lightly and was chilly, I had to force myself to go out so as to cover some of the more fragile plants … because it is impossible to cover all that had already been planted or transplanted on the balcony. All that I can do now is to hope for the best … or that the weatherman is wrong!

We are about a month away from summer and still … the snow wants to fall! Unbelievable …

The only time in the past weeks that I had felt warm enough to be able to go out without a jacket was last week  … when we decided to go up to Epalinges to look at the colza! That was a nice sunny day … and I was so glad that the hubby suggested that we go and see the colza fields after my class ended in the evening. But now … it is back to cloudy, wet and chilly weather again. Haizzz …

I do not know how my plants will fare with the wintry weather that is to be expected in a day or two … but this was how my little Tom Thumbs had looked like this afternoon … before it started to rain and the weather turned chilly!


One of the two pots of dwarf pea plants (aptly called Tom Thumb) that I have on the balcony … looking very healthy … for now.

Errr … did you notice something on this picture?


Oh yes … my little pea plants are about to make me one happy momma! 🙂


If the late frost that is forecast do not disrupt their growth … the hubby and I should be able to enjoy fresh peas very, very soon! hehehe … 😀


The other pot … only in the flowering stage right now. It had a slow start … as I had not realised earlier (not until I starting noticing that the leaves were turning yellow) … that the frequent rainfall had caused the bottom of the pot to be overflowed with water. After draining the excess water away and widening the drainage hole to prevent another overflowing during a rainy spell, the pea plants in this pot are making up for lost time!


It is nice to see the leaves starting to look very green again … and the flowers that have started to bloom.

However … I really and truly hope that the forecast of impending snowfall will not come true. Or else … there goes my hope of being able to enjoy fresh peas from my balcony garden soon! Waaah … 😦

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6 thoughts on “Balcony garden in May … Tom Thumb peas …

  1. Hi Wendy, thank you for reading my blog. I am still quite new to edible gardening on the balcony and is still learning about a lot of things from trial and error. I have not been as lucky with the strawberries last year, but so far this year, I have not been disappointed. But I do get a few misshapen ones, too .. possibly as you said, due to problem with pollination.

    As for the Tom Thumb peas, unfortunately, I hadn’t even thought of saving any seeds. I harvested the peas as soon as I saw that they were big enough to be eaten! And really, there were not even enough to enjoy them fully at each harvest! It was more of a novelty to grow them as I had never grown any peas before and wanted to grow something that will not take up too much space. But just in case, I got my seeds from Tradewinds. Sorry for not being to send you any.


  2. Hi CT Zan! I’m a stealth reader of your blog and I’m so envious of your balcony garden!! I have been trying to grow strawberries too but mine are bumpy and ugly…I guess I just don’t get enough bees for pollination….

    A very bold request I have here…I’m very envious of your Tom Thumb peas they are super cute. I was wondering if you happen to save any seeds (but if you have eaten all the pods without saving any, that’s completely understandable!!!), would you kindly mail me some???

    Thanks anyways!!


  3. Memang kelam kabut sekali, Ros. Dahlah basah and sejuk! Memang tidak mustahil untuk salji turun di musim bunga, tapi selalunya paling lewat bulan April. Tahun ni boleh sampai nak ke penghujung bulan Mai. Sah-sah cuaca sekarang dah tak betul. Tak tahu lah bila I boleh bercucuk tanam dengan tenang. Benih tomato dan sengkuang yang kat dalam rumah dah semakin meninggi tapi masih tak boleh lagi taruh kat balkoni … haizzz.


  4. Ala kesiannya pokok-pokok tu…kesian juga pada you, mesti you kelam kabut nak selamatkan kesemuanya. Ada kemungkinankah spring belum bermula sepenuhnya….dan mungkin summer pun masih jauh. Mungkinkah setiap peringkat musim berubah dan tidak mengikut tarikh / masa yang telah dijangka… ada kemungkinan you boleh bercucuk tanam dalam tempoh yang lebih panjang. Sama-sama kita berdoa ya.


  5. Kesudahannya … spring tahun ni tak rasa macam spring sebab bukan sahaja hari panas boleh dikira dengan jari, bahkan seperti yang diramalkan, salji turun hari Sabtu lepas. Tak terlalu lama tapi cukup untuk membuat I kelam kabut sebab ia turun di siang hari bukan di waktu malam. So mana2 cover yang I dah bukak pada waktu pagi kena cepat2 taruh balik. Beberapa pokok macam nampak tenat terutama eggplant dan zuchini, green bean dan lemongrass. One of my pokok pandan rasanya dah tak boleh diselamatkan walaupun sekarang I dah taruh kat dalam rumah balik. Minggu ni suhu paling maksima cuma 13″C. Sedih. 😦


  6. Macam tak percaya aje bila baca ramalan cuaca menjangka salji akan turun lagi. Pelik sungguh kan….apa kesudahannya CT? Jadi atau tidak salji tu turun? Mesti penat asyik nak angkat pot keluar masuk.


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