An excursion to Sion … the lake scenery en route …

After our excursions to Zurich, Fribourg and Morges two weekends ago, the hubby suggested going to Sion … which is about an hour away by train from Lausanne … for our last excursion using the special day cards.

As the hubby could not take a day off … before the day card promotion expired on 8 May … we, therefore, did not have much choice in terms of places to go as we could only do so after the hubby had finished his work (which he currently does from home until the new office is properly set up). As Sion is not too far away and since the hubby had not visited the old town in Sion for nearly 20 years … he thus suggested going there so that he could revisit the place and get me to discover it too by the same token. I was more than happy to oblige as apart from passing through Sion to take the bus connection for past our excursions to Les Haudères and Arolla … I had not seen either the town centre or the old town!

As in spring and summer the days are long … there was, therefore, still a few hours of daylight for us to check out Sion despite our late departure. And we were fortunate that although it had drizzled lightly that evening … the rain did not start fully until we had done our walk through the old town, had our dinner and were leisurely making our way back to the train station. So although it was just a short excursion, it was really pleasant as it had been quite some time since the hubby and I had had dinner outside. 🙂

But before sharing the photos that I took of the old town of Sion, I thought I would share some photos of the view that we got to enjoy that evening as we were making our way to Sion … especially as the train passed along the stretch of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) in between Lausanne to Villeneuve.

SAM_3429 A

Just before Pully.

SAM_3432 A

After Lutry.

SAM_3440 A

Before Villette.

SAM_3453 A

Between Rivaz and Vevey.


Between Rivaz and Vevey.


Before reaching the small harbour of la Pichette in the commune of Corseaux (near Vevey).

SAM_3466 A

After leaving la Pichette and whilst approaching Vevey.

SAM_3481 A

After leaving Lac Léman and passing through the valley of the Rhone, over which looms an almost uninterrupted alignment of mountains on both sides of the valley … in another canton – that of Valais/Wallis.

SAM_3490 A

Further in the valley, close to Bex.

So that was the view during our train ride to Sion that evening. Quite different from that when we went to Fribourg, huh? But equally lovely … especially since we were able to see the mountains very clearly … which was why I could not resist taking several snapshots of the view as the train was making its way to Sion.


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