Tulip Festival in Morges … for the third time …

SAM_3049.ASo far, I have not missed visiting the Tulip Festival in Morges … ever since I found out about of its existence about three years ago. It would be a pity not to go and see the beautiful spring flowers because … not only is Morges just 10 minutes away by train (excluding the 12 minutes ride on the métro to get to the railway station in Lausanne from home, of course!), … there was also no entrance fee to see the beautiful flowers as the tulips were planted and displayed in an open park! So … why not, huh?

Of course, kudos must be given to the hubby … who will always make time to go with me to visit the tulips every spring when the Festival is held on the shore of Lake Geneva in Morges. He is not really into flowers and plants … but since he knows that I do, he tries to indulge me in the things that I like and enjoy lah. Such a kind Ta, he is. 🙂

And so this year, like the previous two years … I got to enjoy the beautiful blooms … and as usual ended up taking loads of photos! 🙂 Fortunately, it was reasonable sunny on that Sunday evening so that I was able to enjoy the display of more than 100, 000 tulips from about 300 different varieties at the Parc de l’Indépendance. The festival normally ends in mid-May … but given the late start to spring this year, I would not be surprised if the flower displays can still be seen at the park at least until the end of the coming week if not the end of May!

Anyhow … the photos below show the floral arrangements for this year’s fête de la tulipe. Enjoy!!


Making our way into Parc de l’Indépendance. After that … it was the camera doing the talking! hehehe … 🙂



Tulip Festival Panorama.2

SAM_3059 A


A 180° view of the park  … unfortunately, it turned out a little small lah!


Tulip Festival Panorama 3


Tulip Festival Panorama 4


Tulip Festival Panorama 5


So very colourful, huh? All those beautiful flowers to be enjoyed … free of charge! What could be better?! 😀

Okay … if you think you can still stomach more colourful photos … here are some close up shots of the blooms themeselves!


Errr … want to see more of these colourful tulips  … maybe?

Okay, here are more of them …

Tulips 1

Okay … that should be more than enough photos to satisfy the flower geeks, I hope! 😉

I tried not to take too many photos this year … at least, that was what I had told myself before going. After all, I had seen these blooms before and had taken lots of photos during our past visits. But then when you start seeing sooo many colourful and beautiful blooms … and with a camera on hand (plus a spare battery and a spare film as well … oh yes I came prepared for my day trip that day to Fribourg and Morges) … what is one to do … and how can one resist the temption?

So I ended up taking about 200 photos at the fête de la tulipe this year! hehehe … 😀

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9 thoughts on “Tulip Festival in Morges … for the third time …

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  2. I pun harap Kak Maz akan baca (kalau belum) entry ni, Ros, sebab I tahu memang dia akan suka melihat gambar bunga2 tulip ni. Malangnya, bunga tulip memerlukan iklim sejuk untuk tumbuh Ros. By the time musim panas tiba, musim bunga tulip pun akan habis! So tak dapatlah you nak tanam kat halaman rumah you.
    Pokok lily tu, yang dua dah tumbuh cuma belum besar dan belum ada bunga pun. Tapi blood lily langsung tak nampak apa2 pertumbuhan langsung. Mungkin bila musim panas tiba baru dia nak ‘bangun dari tidur’ agaknya! 🙂 Benih ulam raja masih ada stok dan I ada 6 benih yang dah tumbuh dan dialihkan ke pasu. I akan berikan 2-3 dari benih yang tumbuh pada my MIL sebab dia dah setuju untuk cuba tanam dan rasa pucuk ulam raja.


  3. Cantik, ada kelopak yang nampak unik. Harap-harap Kak Maz tak terlepas kongsi entry you kali ni. Saya berkenan dengan bunga yang warna oren dan purple, gambar last sekali tu. Kalaulah dapat tanam kat laman rumah alangkah cantiknya ! Oh ya CT, apa khabar pokok-pokok lily tu, dah berbunga lum? You nak benih ulam raja lagi tak, saya sedang kumpul benih baru.


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