An excursion to Fribourg … the Old Town …

As it had been quite some time since the hubby last made a proper visit to the old town of Fribourg, he was therefore very keen to go and have a quick look at it. And since I had never been to the old town of Fribourg, I was, therefore, equally keen to have a look at it! And so we went … and we saw … and we came home happy! 😀

But owing to lack of time … as we still had another place to visit before the day was over … we, therefore, did not get to check out the old town thoroughly. I would say that we only saw the periphery of the old town … but due to its location, it was certainly a very beautiful view of the town periphery!

It was really a quick walk through … not my idea of checking out a place, as I prefer taking my own sweet time, looking at things and taking pictures of things … but … the hubby did let me dally as long as he was able to let me to, without us missing the train that we had hoped to take to go to Morges.

However, on the plus side … it made it a little easier to do this entry as I did not have too many photos to choose from! 😀


We started our visit with a short walk to this bridge (across route des Alpes) … so as to be able to have a good view of the old town from the bridge as well as the valley down below.


That is the old town at the end of this bridge.


And the view of the old town … as seen from the bridge. Another bridge could be seen in the distance.


A close-up of the medieval houses and buildings situated on the edge of the old town …


… as well as that of the other bridge from across the one we were on.


The view of the hill and valley next to the old town.


An old château located on top of the hill directly opposite the bridge that we were on.


And the view to the right.

After taking enough photos to suit us … and after having a good look at the gorgeous view from the bridge, we started making our way to the old town.


A quaint little house below the bridge.


The old town clock.


Looking down below the clock.


A narrow stairway between two old buildings.


The beginning of Grand Rue (left) at Place de l’Hôtel de Ville and the town hall or Maison de Ville on the left of  it (the building with the small balcony) … as one approaches the old town in Fribourg.


Walking inside the old town …


… and admiring the medieval architecture in Grand Rue.

Passing through a little street known as Street of Spouses (Rue des Epouses in French and Hochzertergasse in German). The sign above is written in two languages, but interestingly, with different meanings. From the front and in French (top right), it reads ‘Here is the street of the faithful wives and the corner of the model husbands‘ whereas from the back and in German (bottom) it reads ‘Newly wed man, you are happy today. But tomorrow it may well be your wife who will be wearing the trousers‘. Apparently, the origin of this intriguing signboard is that in the old days couples would marry first in the town hall (see third picture from here above) and then walk through this street to the cathedral for the nuptial benediction.

The cathedral of Fribourg.


The cathedral towering above the rest of the buildings in the old town.


Checking out another street in the old town.


Passing by the Museum of Art and History (Musée d’Art et d’Histoire) …

SAM_2949. A

… and a row of square trees! Cute!! 🙂


And here is the Cantonal and University Library (Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire) … housed in a beautiful building.


And last but not least … the beautiful spring view as we made our way back to Lausanne train station … where we had to change to another train in order to go to Morges to see the tulips!

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