An excursion to Fribourg … the Botanical Gardens …

From Fribourg railway station we took a bus to get to the Botanical Gardens. It was not very far, and we were lucky that the day was sunny and that, although it was not very warm, it was not very chilly either. So we were able to enjoy our visit to the Botanical Gardens.

I was expecting the gardens to be bigger but they were not … which was a good thing. … because if it had been bigger, maybe we might have ended up staying longer and thus would not have the time to do a quick visit to the old town before leaving for Morges! 🙂

As it was, we stayed for about an hour and a half in the gardens … including  a quick toilet stop! hehehe …

Okay, below are photos of the different parts of the gardens starting from when we entered the garden. Unfortunately, not all the flowering plants were in flowers as we had a winter season that overstayed its welcome! But … I did see several flowers or plants that I had never seen before … which was nice! 🙂












And as we walked through the gardens checking out the various plants and flowers …

House for insects

… it was hard not to notice this huge and beautiful homes for the gardener’s helpers … i.e. the good bugs lah! The sign read ‘Free apartment, free rooms‘. 🙂


After seeing a lot of them in Rieterpark in Zurich … more wild garlic plants greeted me at these Botanical Gardens in Fribourg. 🙂 But the ones here have not started to bloom yet.

And then there are these garlic mustard plants … in bloom. The leaves when crushed smell of garlic and can be used in cooking just like the wild garlic … or raw in salads. After learning to identify this plant, I realised that we have these plants growing near our home. But as they grow by the roadside near the fields below. I dare not pick some to try!

And below are some of the flowers that caught my interest. There were many, but I cannot possibly upload all their photos lah!


Quite pretty and colourful are they not?


We also spent quite some time … taking photos of the beautiful apple and pear blossoms! I took so many … that it was hard to choose which ones to share here! 😀

The flowers of the two trees looked so similar … that I would not know which is which … not unless I read the little name plate attached to each tree. But both are equally gorgeous! 🙂

From the gardens … we then went to check out the old town of Fribourg.

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