An excursion to Fribourg … the spring scenery en route …

After missing out on seeing the Botanical Gardens in Zurich, we tried our luck with the one in Fribourg. And this time round, we had better luck. We found the Botanical Garden of Fribourg easily enough … and although the garden is not very big, we did spend some time in it.

In fact, I might have stayed longer … if not for the careful time keeping by the hubby. As we had planned to visit the Tulip Festival in Morges after our little excursion to Fribourg … the hubby, therefore, made sure that we (or rather that I) did not overstay in the garden. This was especially since we were also hoping to make a quick visit to the old town of Fribourg … before making our way to Morges. Considering that we did not leave home until almost noon, we were pretty ambitious for our Sunday’s excursion! hehehe … 😀

But I am happy to say that on our Sunday excursion … unlike our excursion on Saturday … we got to see everything that we had hoped and planned to see! All thanks to the longer daylight hours that we are currently having (as it does not get dark until almost 9.00pm) … and of course, because of the careful time keeping by the hubby lah! 🙂

But before I share the highlights of our visit to the city of Fribourg … I just have to share the beautiful scenery that I saw from the train as we made our way to Fribourg. It was very cloudy when we took the train to go to Zurich on Saturday. Although the landscape was nice when we took the train on Saturday … it was even nicer when the day was bright and sunny as it had been on Sunday when we took the same train route to go to Fribourg. I was thus able to see the change in the landscape as a result of the nice sunshine. We were ‘warmly’ greeted by fields of yellow as we made our way to Fribourg.

Yup … it is the time of the year when the Swiss landscape is dotted with yellow colours. And surprisingly … not just from the colza … but also from the many dandelions that have sprouted in the open fields! So lovely.

So enjoy these photos of the Swiss landscape in spring as seen from the train … at least from Lausanne to Fribourg lah! 😀

(ps: coincidentally, the third picture in this entry is the same place as that in the first picture of the Zurich excursion entry. It is amazing to see how different the place looked in two different days in different weather!)













And this was the scene that greeted me when we arrived in Fribourg train station. It was so cute to see this little one pulling a small wagon in which they put their bags! 🙂

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