First the cherries and now the apples …

The cherry blossoms from the tree beside the small road down on the slope are pretty much a thing of the past. There were still a few blossoms just a few days ago … but, today, not a single blossom is left.


What this means is that soon … it will be cherry-picking time! hehehe … 😀

Instead, it is now the turn for the apple trees to bloom. So although I was not able to enjoy any apple blossom at the daddy-man’s village two weeks ago … I can certainly enjoy the apple blossoms to my heart’s content at home right now! Oh yes … 🙂


The small apple orchard down below might be a thing of the past … but there are still a few apple trees left near our area … and two of them grow just below us! And these two trees are blooming sooo profusely that it is hard not to notice them. They really look good from up where we are and I enjoyed looking at them each time I happened to look out the window of our bedroom or while I was working on the balcony.

SAM_2258 A

I first noticed bits of pinkish red on the apple trees below about a week ago. Taking out my camera so that I could zoom with the viewfinder, my suspicion was proven right …  the two apple trees below were about to bloom!

SAM_3236 A

And five days later … the buds had turned into beautiful white blooms … oh wow!! I love it!

SAM_3395 A

So on Tuesday before going to class, I decided to do a little detour in order to take a closer look at the two apple trees … and, as usual, took some snapshots of the beautiful blossoms before they would start disappearing like the cherry blossoms! 🙂

SAM_3413 B

The apple tree on the right, just next to the old house by the small road that is below our window …

SAM_3401 A

… and the tree on the left … both fully covered with blossoms.

Okay let’s zoom in on the blossoms.

SAM_3402 A

The beautiful white (with a slight tinge of pink) blossoms mix beautifully with the pink buds.

SAM_3396 A

Looking up from below. It was a very sunny day on Tuesday … so it was difficult to take a nice clear photo of the flowers as the glaring sun made it a little difficult for me to see on the viewfinder. I had to work at finding a spot where I could take clear shots of the beautiful apple blossoms.

SAM_3406 A

But it was worth it … as they are so beautiful!

SAM_3408 A

Such gorgeous blooms … and to think that they will later become delicious fruit … incredible!

SAM_3409 A

This was a random shot as it was hard to see against the glaring sun. I was surprised to learn after taking the shot that I had actually captured a gardener helper (a bee lah!) helping itself to the nectar of an apple blossom. What luck! 😀

I must say that I really miss not being able to see the rows of apple trees when they are in full blooms at this time of the year. But seeing the two trees just below our balcony in full bloom certainly helped to cheer my spirit.

By the way … this also means that I truly and totally missed seeing the cherry blossoms at the parents … for third year running! Oh well …. I just hope that I will not miss the opportunity to pick the cherries at the parents for the second year running as well! 😉

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4 thoughts on “First the cherries and now the apples …

  1. Oh iyeke? Baru I tahu. Kalau gitu cubalah tanam sekali lagi, sebab buah petik kat pokok tak sama dgn yang di’petik’ disupermarket – tak semanis! I tak berapa minat sangat dengan apples, will only eat once in a while. Itu pun kalau crunchy and sweet. I lebih suka limau manis.


  2. Siti, raspberry plants boleh bertahan cuaca tropika. Pastu tumbuh merata tepi apartment yang kami tinggal.

    Apples, saya suka South African Crisp sebab crunchy and sweet.


  3. Betul tu, memang kedua-dua bunga tu agak serupa. Sebab tu, kadang2 susah nak bezakan pokok dab bunga apa tu kalau kita tak berapa kenal … macam I. Melainkan kalau dah pernah lihat buahnya. Bunga pokok pear agak serupa juga. Pokok yang berdaun merah tu, I tak tahu namanya Ros, sori! Masih banyak nama pokok yang I tak kenal!


  4. Cantiknya..!!!!! Thank you for sharing ! Kalau dibandingkan bunga apple dengan bunga cerry tu nampak keduanya macam ada persamaan. Pokok apa yang berdaun merah tu CT ?


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