Balcony garden in May … raspberries …

Time certainly passed very fast … and we are now already one week into May. Although a lot of things are ‘happening’ on the gardening front … I still wish that more could have happened by now! I still dare not plant many of my seedlings into their permanent pots outside … but I have been slowly moving several of them to the greenhouse shelves to get them acclimatized.

Right now, the weather is pretty ideal. Although we still have some rains, but we have also had nice sunshine. What this basically means is that I do not have to water the plants much because the rains in between the sunshine would do the watering for me. And as a result, we still have lots of rainwater as well as melted snow from winter waiting to be used! Is that not nice? 🙂 But of course that will change when summer comes.

So far … things are going pretty well for those seedlings and plants that had already been planted out. And I was especially excited to discover this afternoon … as I was swapping places between the raspberry plants and the potato plants … that the two raspberry plants are budding … yeayyy!!!

What a pleasant surprise … as I was not sure whether it will bud since I did not exactly follow the advice when it comes to pruning the plants last year but that I had done so according to how I see fit. It was only several weeks ago that I read that summer bearing and autumn bearing raspberry plants should be trimmed differently! Oppps … too late!

Of course, I can only claim success when the plants actually start to bear fruits  … but it is nice to see that at least for now … they are starting to form tiny flower buds. Hopefully, the buds will turn into flowers and the flowers will then develop into small sweet raspberries! Hmmm … we shall see lah! 😀


The two plants as they were in mid-April. The leaves, especially on the red raspberry plant (on the right) … had not really come out. Understandable, as we had had quite a long winter season this year.


And the two plants again in late April. The yellow raspberry plant had started spotting a lot of leaves by then … while the red raspberry plant was slowly trying to catch up. But I decided to add some topsoil to the red raspberry plant … and was even thinking of re-potting it to a bigger pot. But in the end I decided that I will do it after this season is over so that I do not disturb it while it is trying to grow right now.


And the two plants as they are today. The yellow raspberry plant is really doing very well … whereas the red one is still trying to catch up. But at least, I could now see big leaves sprouting out from the red raspberry plant.

And interestingly … although the red raspberry plant looks as if it has still quite some way to go when compared with the yellow one on the right …


… I was surprised to discover that it has also started to form flower buds!


There are not many since the plant is still a little straggly … but the flower buds are coming, that is for sure.

But of course … being more bushy, there are more buds on the yellow raspberry plant lah. Nice!!

Hopefully, more buds will form over the next week or so. And I certainly look forward to seeing the flowers blossoming … and of course the berries much later! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Balcony garden in May … raspberries …

  1. 2 raspberry plants bought from Frazzer’s Hill died months ago. Arrrrrgh! tak ada rezeki. Lain kali lah!


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