A visit to see the family in Italy … enjoying the view going back …

True to the weather forecasts for that weekend, it rained the whole of Saturday. So we did not feel like going anywhere … except only to go and visit Zio Rinaldo at the Trento City Hospital (about an hour drive’s away) with Zio Rinaldo‘s son, Elvio. Unlike when we visited Zia Rita, we got to stay for quite sometime with Zio Rinaldo. Zio Rinaldo was all smiley and seemed very happy to receive a visit from us … and it certainly warmed my heart to see the two brothers chatting and enjoying each other’s company.

In the evening, we were invited for a meal at a restaurant by the hubby’s cousin Ermes and although I did not understand the hearty conversation that went on at our table, it was nice to see the daddy-man as well as hubby and his cousins (with their wives) chatting animatedly. The Italians are certainly very expressive people! 🙂

Our group was the last to leave the restaurant (after it had closed for the night) and yet the night was still not over. The family gathering was adjourned to cousin Elvio‘s home for a late night cup of espresso. We certainly went to bed very late that night … and yet the next morning, it was time to say ciao, ciao and arrivederci!


It was still raining the next morning when we said goodbye to Zia Anna Maria and family. But thankfully, the rain was not heavy. But before we could begin the long drive home … there was still one stop that we needed to do — call at the daddy-man’s childhood home and where he was born to visit Zia Rachele (wife of daddy-man’s elder brother who passed away a few years ago).

Daddy-man's childhood home

As we did not get to visit with Zia Rachele during our visit last summer (since  there was nobody home) … we tried again on this visit. And fortunately this time round, both Zia Rachele and her two sons were home.

Just before leaving, cousin Fulvio kindly took us on a short tour of daddy-man’s childhood home … which had been renovated and improved. I was impressed with how nice and how well-maintained the garden and the house were … and the view from the balcony (bottom left) was really superb! I was able to see the valley as well as one of the bridges that span the lake of Santa Giustina from the balcony.


But soon it was time to go. And since on the drive home I did not sleep as much as I did coming … I therefore took more photos of the landscapes during the drive. I especially love the scenic view that greeted us as we made our way down the mountain from the daddy-man’s village before finally hitting the motorway.


I think what I like about rain falling in the mountains is the thick mist that follows. The mountains look extra beautiful when partly shrouded in mist, I think.

More of the scenic views of the area as we drove down the mountain and passing by the lake …





A landscape which reminded me (and the hubby) of those terraced paddy fields that we saw in Indonesia … except that, in this case, it is terraced apple fields! 🙂


And finally hitting the plain to get onto the highway. Just check out the clouds enveloping the mountains in the distance … so lovely!


You cannot even see the mountains in this particular instance because of the thick mist.


Beautiful landscape … despite the wet and cloudy morning. Quite different from when we had arrived 3 days earlier when it was nice and sunny.


Passing through an area filled with rice fields in Lombardy. After getting over my initial surprise at seeing rice fields in Camargue, during our trip with the parents to the south of France (which I know I have not yet shared fully!) last year  … I am no longer surprise to see other rice fields in Europe! 🙂

In any case, Italy is the largest producer of rice in Europe and risotto is the one of their more well-known food beside pasta and spaghetti.


More flat plains during the drive … with the mountains always  in the distance.


The fields are still quite empty as spring had only just begun after the long draggy winter this year.


Driving past a huge castle perched on a hill, which seems to be that of Fenis.


The landscape whilst driving through probably the region of Piemonte (the capital of which is Torino, where the FIAT automobile is made).

We soon left the long stretch of flat plain to drive back up through the valleys in between the mountains as we headed closer towards the Mont-Blanc tunnel that connects Italy with France.


Driving through the valley of Aosta …  where more castles (big and small) can be seen along the way.


Although it might seem flat …


… we were actually slowly climbing up in altitude …


…  as we headed towards the Mont-Blanc tunnel in the Alps, located at the end of the valley in Courmayeur.


Our one and only stop in the long drive since we had left the daddy-man’s village. It is the last one (or one of the last) on the motorway before we would reach the tunnel.


Finally, we reached the Haute Savoie department of France, which is located on the other side of the Mont-Blanc tunnel  … where the parents live. But we did not stop here. Instead, the daddy-man kindly drove us straight to the train station in Geneva (which took another 40 minutes or so) so that we could catch the train back to Lausanne.

It was a very short trip to visit the family in Italy … but the hubby and I were both very glad that we made the trip with the daddy-man. And as the cousins are planning to come and visit the parents in summer … it means that we will be seeing some of the Italian family again soon! Nice … 🙂

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4 thoughts on “A visit to see the family in Italy … enjoying the view going back …

  1. Sorry Ros, I sendiri pun tak tahu. Kami cuma nampak dari lebuhraya. Banyak sangat istana lama kat Eropah ni tapi kebanyakan dijadikan muzeum atau sebagainya.


  2. Cantik dan mendamaikan, adakah istana lama itu masih digunakan sebagai tempat tinggal CT?


  3. You are so right, Azian! The place is naturally beautiful, so it was easy to take beautiful photos! 🙂


  4. Kekadang kita wajib berkorban untuk teruskan siratulrahim. Teruskan. the more the merrier, isn’t? Short quality vacation, indeed. Awesome pictures


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