Beautiful 1st of May … and beautiful chive blossoms …

Yes, I know that this entry should have been shared yesterday. But as the hubby had occupied the computer for nearly the whole day … except when he went to watch a 1st of May march in town … I did not really have the opportunity to use the computer much, except at night by which time I was already feeling quite tired. Anyway as yesterday was a beautiful day, … except for a brief spell of rain in the afternoon … I decided to make use of the long daylight hours to catch up with my gardening work on the balcony.

The Swiss méteo had forecast partly cloudy and sunny days for most of this week with some rains. So whenever the sun comes out (just like this morning and early afternoon), I made sure that I go out and do some work on the balcony.

The balcony is still quite messy and far from what I hope it will look like by summer … but it is getting there. And me, being me … I still have not fully decided how I am going to place the different pots and containers. So there is still a lot of shifting (of pots and stuffs) going on … which I suspect … will continue right into the middle of summer if not later! hehehe … 😀

Anyway … here are a few of the shots that I took yesterday … in between the shifting, the sowing, the re-planting and the tidying that I did. I took lots … especially of my plants, as a record of their progress … but I will share more of these photos in later entries lah!


It was such a nice sunny day yesterday that the little ones decided to come out and play. It was nice to see as well as to hear them laughing happily as they played.

I later saw two of them going down the slope and checking out the cherry tree by the small road. Hmmm … maybe, they were trying to plan how they are going to pick the cherries once the fruits start coming! hehehe … 🙂


And the ‘weedflowers’ on the grass patch are still going strong … but with more yellow colours from the dandelions.


They have sprouted a lot more … thus, adding a nice yellow colour to the carpet of ‘weedflowers’.

But the grass patch below our balcony is not the only place where flowers are blooming beautifully. More and more of the plants on our balcony are also starting to bud and to flower.

But for now … I am still waiting for the few pots of chives that I have to bloom fully.


The pots of chives with their purplish flower buds. The flower buds had appeared for quite some time … but I suppose that the chilly weather that we had had last week must have stunted the development of the flower buds a little.


But at least the flower buds on this particular pot have started to open a little.


This bud has only started to open a teeny, tiny bit …


 This one has opened a bit more …


Whereas this one has opened even more …


I had never really looked at them before when they are at this stage. I must say that I find it quite fascinating and lovely. But of course, it will be even nicer when all the flower buds have started blooming fully lah! 😀

Actually, I do not really need so many pots of chives to use for cooking. But I decided to have more pots this year because I wanted the flowers. Errr … not to eat, although their flowers are edible, too …  but because their flowers are very attractive to bees!

Now, a potager garden cannot do without the hardworking bees to help things along, does it not? So why not have plenty of flowers which not only can be eaten but are also attractive to a gardener’s little friends! 😉


13 thoughts on “Beautiful 1st of May … and beautiful chive blossoms …

  1. Betul cakap you! 🙂 Anak sedara pun ramai, belum masuk babies I yang kadang tak terjaga kat balkoni tu! Hehehe …


  2. No worry, insyallah akan datang rezeki tu bila diizinkan oleh Nya. Setiap ketentuan ada hikmahnya. Be happy and enjoy your life..lagipun ada banyak babies kat balcony tu..!


  3. Hi Liza, the children are not mine but the neighbours! 🙂 And you are right, the chive flowers are quite lovely. I love them.


  4. Children CT…? Oppsss…kanak-kanak tu adalah anak-anak penduduk di kawasan tempat tinggal CT rasanya.


  5. Sudah tentu boleh…! Insyallah saya akan poskan bila ada benihnya nanti. Kita tunggu ya.


  6. Ala Ros, kalau you nak I boleh hantar biji benih chives kat you. I masih ada banyak dalam simpanan. Tapi seeloknya, you tunggu yang fresh punya dari bunga tahun ni supaya chances untuk tumbuh lagi tinggi. I ada juga terpikir samada nak tanam kucai ke tidak sebab chives pun I jarang pakai sebenarnya. Tapi masakan kita lebih banyak gunakan kucai. So nanti kalau dah berbunga dan berbiji, boleh I kecek benih sikit dari you? hehehe … 😀


  7. Azian, memang kalau untuk nak buat kueh tiau goreng tu, bahan tambahan dah cukup dah! Cuma kueh tiau kat sini terpaksa gunakan yang kering. Walau direndam dalam air panas, tak selembut dan sesedap kueh tiau yang fresh. So I tak berapa minat buat kueh tiau melainkan kalau dah betul2 mengidam nak makan!


  8. Ala Siti, saya memang harap sangat benih yang di semai boleh tumbuh..saya ada simpan dalam 6 biji saja lagi…takut nak pertaruhkan semuanya, nanti semua tak tumbuh saya gigit jari…sekarang ni dah 2 hari hujan lebat, banyak anak-anak pokok (radish & chard) kelemasan..kesian sangat kat pokok tu..kesian pada saya juga..Saya ada tanam chives versi Asia, kat sini orang panggil ‘kuchai’, banyak jugalah saya tanam, kalau dah tumbuh memang mudah nak dibiakkan, biasa guna sewaktu goreng kue-teow.


  9. chives dah ada, taugeh boleh buat sendiri, kuew tiau ada tak? Fried Kuew Tiau makan di angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa adalah sangat “awesome”. OH! sini hujan sebab tu teringat makanan je


  10. Dari pengalaman I cuba menyemai chives dari biji, memang sukar nak tumbuh walaupun mengikut buku atau halaman internet dikatakan senang. Last2, I minta sikit dari mentua. Cuma yg bagusnya, chives kalau dah tumbuh mudah dijaga dan senang dibiakkan. Anehnya bila I tak semai, tahun lepas berpuluh2 benih yang tumbuh dengan sendirinya kat pasu2 yang lain sampai terpaksa dicabut dan buang. Mesti kerja si bees tu lah agaknya! Tak pe Ros, cuba lagi sampai berjaya. Semai banyak sikit supaya chances untuk berjaya lebih tinggi!


  11. Satu tindakan yang bijak untuk ‘mengundang’ bees membantu proses pendebungaan. Dah 2 kali saya semai benih chives tu tapi tak menjadi. Semalam saya semai sekali lagi dan berharap kali ini akan berjaya.


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