A visit to see the family in Italy … the view en route …

I know that I have not yet shared the photos that I took during my first visit to see hubby’s paternal family in summer last year. I would have liked to … but as I took lots of photos on that trip (since we also visited several other places in Northern Italy during that trip), I found that I do not have the patience to sort through the many photos that I took and then prepare a montage of selected ones for uploading to this blog. At least, not as much patience as I used to have when I first started sharing on all the trips that the hubby and I did two years ago!

I like to blame it on the gardening interest that I had picked up more seriously since two summers ago, which seems to be taking up most of my free time … either reading up on it or actually doing it … but maybe, I am just getting lazier as I get older! hehehe 😉 Nonetheless, I will try to share them when I can find the courage to do so. But for now, let me share some photos during our recent visit back to see the family in Trentino.

It was not as happy an occasion as it was last year because both the daddy-man’s older brother and sister were in the hospitals. While Zia Rita had to be warded in the town hospital for high blood pressure … poor Zio Rinaldo, on the other hand, had a heart attack just 2 days before we were to come and visit … and had to have an operation while we were there.

Despite having just had an angioplasty a day earlier, he was all smiley and pretty cheerful when we went to visit him at the Trento City hospital after his operation … even as he recounted to us on how close he came to death. If he had arrived at the hospital just 2 minutes later, it would have been impossible to save him. He was lucky that they had used a helicopter to bring him to the hospital very quickly. Thankfully, he is now resting at home.

And since I did not take as many photos this time round … as it was less a vacation holiday but more of visiting the family … it, therefore, makes it easier to share the photos.

Below are some of the views that I got to see during the drive to reach the daddy-man’s mountain village in Livo, Trentino. The daddy-man picked us up near the Swiss-French border in Geneva around 8am and we arrived in the village sometime after 7.00pm. It certainly was a loooong drive … but mainly because the daddy-man was the only driver and he, unfortunately, had cramps on his legs that day. So we had to stop often to allow the daddy-man to rest and to stretch his legs. Luckily, his legs were better during the return journey so that we did not have to make any stop except for refuelling and toilet break … and thus, we managed to reach Geneva within 6 hours.


One of the many castles that could be seen along the autoroute … in this particular instance, while we were driving along the Aosta region after leaving the Mont-Blanc tunnel which connects France with Italy … and after a short breakfast stop in the small mountain resort of Courmayeur.


The lake view at Torri del Benaco, one of the small villages along Lake Garda in the Trentino province … where we stopped for lunch. Unfortunately, the sun was too glaring for me to be able to get a good and clear photo of the lakeshore.


This medieval castle at Torri del Benaco is currently undergoing some renovation. And interestingly on the perimeter walls of the castle …

… we saw many of these imprints on both sides of the wall. I do not know how genuine they were but the hubby assured me that they were the real stuff!


After lunch, we continued with our drive along Lake Garda heading towards Riva del Garda.


Lake Garda (Lago del Garda) is the biggest lake in Italy … and the first time when I saw this lake last summer I liked it. It is a beautiful area and as the daddy-man was driving along the lake last summer I could not help but wished that we had stopped and stayed there for a night. Hmmm … maybe … another time, another visit!

Riva del Garda ……  a favourite stop of the daddy-man and hubby. We had also stopped here last summer. Apart from being able to see and touch the beautiful pink cherry blossoms at the street where the daddy-man had parked his car … I also got to do a little shopping in this town.

Colour pasta and a choice of pasta spices in Riva del Garda, Italy

Here, I found my pasta spices … yeayyy!!! As well as some very colourful pasta!

So both the hubby and I came home from this trip with the things that we had hoped to get for ourselves. I got my pasta spices as well as some colourful pasta … and the hubby got his crampons and running poles for his mountain race in summer! Nice … 🙂


Back on the road after the brief stop in Riva del Garda.


Castle on a lakeshore … which reminded me of Château de Chillon (Chillon Castle) which is on the shore of Lake Geneva near Montreux in Switzerland.


The view towards the other side of the same lake as above.


By this time we were approaching the apple growing region in Trentino — Valli di Non and Valli di Sole (interestingly, this road is nicknamed ‘Strada della mela e dei sapori‘, which means the ‘road of apples and flavours’).Many of the apple trees were starting to flower in this area … but not at the daddy-man’s village as it is further up the mountains. So I did not get to see and enjoy apple blossoms while we were staying with the family there. What a pity! 😦


Making our way up the mountain heading towards the daddy-man’s village. Those on the right are apple trees.


Apple trees on both sides of the road … but no apple, unlike when we came to visit last summer.


It is a very beautiful region with lovely landscapes. The hubby is very lucky to have been able to come here often during his childhood. It is certainly very different from my father’s village in Malacca, Malaysia, which I visited often in my childhood! 🙂


Making one last stop at the town of Cles … the nearest town to the daddy-man’s village. There was no hurry to reach the village as both the daddy-man’s sister and brother were in hospital and were not at home.


It was starting to get a little dark by the time we were reaching the village … which thus afforded us …


… a very beautiful view of the surrounding mountains at sunset! It was really quite spectacular even though it might not seem so on these pictures.


And finally, a little after 7.00pm, we reached Varollo, the small mountain village where the daddy-man was born and had grew up.

It was really nice to be back here again. Even though my understanding of the Italian language is even worse than that of the French language … but there is no mistaking the language of love and kinship from my new Italian family. I am very thankful to be related to these wonderful people. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A visit to see the family in Italy … the view en route …

  1. Pokok epal kalau dibiarkan tumbuh dengan sendiri memang macam pokok2 lain seperti pokok ceri, pokok jambu, etc. Tapi selalunya kalau untuk dipasarkan, ianya akan ditanam mengikut kaedah yang dipanggil ‘espalier’ — iaitu, diikat dahan utamanya kepada wire atau frame dan dicatas mana2 yang yang meliar. Jadi pokok2 itu akan tumbuh selari. Cari ini memudahkan penjaggan pokok dan mendatangkan hasil yang lebih sebab pokok boleh ditanam agak rapat. Kadang2 kat rumah2 orang di sini, ada juga yang menanam pokok epal, ceri, pear secara ‘espalier’ dekat dinding luar rumah supaya tak ambil banyak ruang.


  2. Selama ini saya membayangkan pokok epal tu fizikalnya serupa macam pokok lemon ataupun jambu batu ke…rendang dan boleh dipanjat..hehehe…jakun sebab duduk di sini saha dan tak pernah tengok dunia luar..!!!


  3. Rasanya, susah sikitlah nak lepak kat bawah pokok epal sebab kebanyakan pokok epal di kampung tu ditanam seperti tanam anggur (diikat kat wire untuk memudahkan memetik).
    Pasta yang berwarna-warni tu mendapatkan warna2 dari sumber tersebut. Oren dari tomato, hijau dari spinach, merah dari beetroot, kuning dari kunyit dan hitam dari dakwat sotong. Jangankan Ct Aisyah, I pun geram bila tengok pasta berwarna ni sebab tu tiap kali pergi Itali mesti nak beli! Tak payah nak taruh apa2 extra pun dah cantik dah! hehehe 🙂


  4. Bertuah sungguh Paul, sampai berbelas tahun tak balik kampung ! Nanti bila dah ada kereta bolehlah you kerap kesana. Boleh lepak-lepak bawah pokok epal yang sedang lebat berbuah…hehehe…CT Aisyah minta saya tanyakan pada you ‘pasta yang warna-warni tu guna pewarna tumbuhan atau pewarna tiruan ?…dia geram sangat tengok pasta tu. kat sini cuma ada yang biasa saja.


  5. Alhamdullilah Ros, I pun rasa bertuah sangat dapat pergi dan melihat kampung dia. You tahu, dah berbelas tahun si Paul tak balik kamgpung. Nasib baik dia dapat isteri suka merayap, so I selalu sound kat dia yang I nak lihat kampung dia. Akhirnya, tahun lepas terkabul hajat! Masa I taruh gambar tahun lepas kat FB, kakak I pun ada cakap ‘Cantiknya kampung dia, tak macam kampung kita!? 🙂 Memang kampung mereka bersih dan orang2nya sangat rajin. I seronok pergi sana, cuma bahasa yang buat problem sikit!


  6. Saya kehilangan kata-kata waktu baca entry ni semalam, terpegun sangat-sangat dengan keindahan yang you kongsikan. Betul kata you, Paul sangat bertuah dapat menikmati panorama tersebut. Sekarang you pula dapat berkongsi tuah tu. Kampung mertua you tu nampak bersih sangat, pokok-pokok epal yang tersusun kemas…masyallah cantik sungguh. Moga-moga kedua-dua ahli keluarga mertua you akan segera sembuh.


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