A gallery of wildflowers in April …

After taking photos of some of the spring wildflowers in the copse behind the parents’ home in Lucinges, I got hooked on capturing the beautiful but usually quite small wildflowers which have been sprouting in the fields and open spaces … especially the ones growing close to home.

I had done so when we first moved into our current flat 3 years ago and was fascinated by the wildflowers that I saw growing in the fields nearby. I had even shared them on this blog. But somehow when I started getting more interested in gardening, this other passion of mine got pushed back. But I hope to rectify this, this year … and I shall try my best to capture as many of their photos as I can, as I really do enjoy looking at them.

It is easy to ignore them because of their size and the fact that they grow on their own without any help from us and that as a result they do not have a price tag attached to them unlike their cultivated cousins. In fact, most often they are considered as unwanted weeds. But if you take the time to stop and look at them … really look at them … you will then realise that these wildflowers are actually very lovely and that if only they had been bigger, they would have easily been considered as proper matches to their cultivated counterparts. And as an added bonus, some of them are even edible or medicinal.

So … since I do not have a flower garden of my own where I can take photos of the beautiful flowers in my garden to share on this blog  … I have decided that I will share photos of the wildflowers that I see in the public ‘gardens’ around me instead! 🙂

The following photos of the flowers that caught my attention are not exhaustive. I shall definitely try to share more whenever I come across them. In addition, I shall try to indicate their names wherever I can. But as I am not a wildflower expert, please excuse me if I do not get their names right … and many will remain nameless, I fear!

Still …. I hope you will enjoy looking at these weedflowers … as I did when I saw them (and still do so now while looking at them). Errr … I mean wildflowers lah! hehehe … 😀

Field speedwell

One of my favourites is these tiny flowers (even smaller than the common daisies), known as speedwell. The pictures on top were taken from the grass patch along the driveway to our block while the ones below were taken during a stop in our short trip to Italy last week.  Although they initially looked similar from far … upon closer inspection I realised that they were actually slightly different. There is a single white petal for the ones below.

Yellow wildflowers

The yellow flowers on the top pictures started sprouting in large numbers near the refuse disposal area near us a few weeks ago. They are called Lesser Celandine and just like the daisies and dandelions, they are edible, too, it would seem. However, given their location I do not think it is wise for me to try them lah! 🙂 The ones below were spreading on the slope beside the small road where the cherry tree is. I do not know their exact biological name but they belong to the genus called Spurges or EuphorbiaThe individual flower is really quite tiny but became highly visible as they bloomed in a cluster.

More yellow ‘weedflowers’. 🙂 The ones on top I think are called creeping buttercups. There are a lot of them growing on the slope near the cherry tree. The ones in the bottom are possibly known as Coltsfoot which I snapped during our visit to a mountain resort called Madonna di Campiglio not far from the daddy-man’s village in Trentino, Northern Italy.

These beautiful pink flowers (the two on top) were sprouting all over the grass patch near a stop along the motorway in Northern Italy … while the bottom flowers, although to my eyes they had looked quite similar to the ones on top when I saw them during our lunch stop at Lago di Garda (lake Garda) en route to the daddy-man’s village … I realised, after I had uploaded these photos, … were of a different variety. But the colours and sizes were really very similar. Unfortunately, I have yet to find out their names!

Two more ‘weedflowers’ that I snapped at Lago di Garda. The ones on top is very familiar to me as I used to see this plant growing (and probably still does but I have not been back since) on the cracks of the walls near our old flat at Avenue Recordon. Even then, it had fascinated me with the daintiness of its flowers and I was tempted to pick some to grow on the small balcony we had at the time. It would have made a lovely creeping flowering plant for one of my small flower pots as the plant is really small. The ones below did not seem much of a flower to look at from far, but are just as dainty and lovely upon closer inspection. Again, I have no idea what these flowers are called!

The followings are a few more weedflowers that I snapped on the day I went taking photos of the cherry trees nearby last week.


These I later found out are called sweet violets or English violets or common violets. They are edible and have many uses. But I think I might just pick some of them … if they can still be found in the copse at the parents’ … to try to freeze into ice cubes. At least I know that those growing at the parents’ are pretty safe for consumption lah!

Lilac widlflowers

Two more violet-coloured flowers — Gill over the ground or ground ivy on the left … and Aubrieta on the right.

And last but not least … two more little flowers growing close to home … which I have no idea what they are called. But I like the look of the one on the left and it was the only one that I happened to see that evening. As there were some wild strawberry plants growing in that area, I wonder whether it might not be a wild strawberry flower … although it did not look like the wild strawberry flowers I have on my balcony.

Hopefully, over time I will learn many of their names. But for now … I am just as happy to be able to look and admire them even though I do not know what are their names. Weeds or not … they all certainly look lovely to me. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “A gallery of wildflowers in April …

  1. Insyallah. Sama-sama kita doakan ya Azian. Kelak dapatlah kita lihat entry CT berkisah tentang pokok bunga di halaman dan pokok sayur serta buah-buahan dibelakang rumahnya.


  2. Memang in the plan, cuma harga rumah landed kat sini especially yang dekat ke Geneva is very very expensive. So have to continue to look around and wait for ‘durian runtuh’ maybe! hehehe … insyaallah one day …


  3. Kalau ada rezeki lebih, it’s time for u to look for affordable landed property. Serai ada, muncing pulut kuning n beef rendang or chicken kapitan, is very awesome


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