Balcony garden in April … lemongrass …

You see … I have this love and hate relationship with spring. Or more specifically … I have this love and hate relationship with the spring weather, now that I have started to take up gardening more seriously!

I lurveeee the spring weather when it is nice and sunny and quite warm … which means that I get to sow some of my seeds outside or bring out some of my plants and seedlings which have been waiting on the windowsills for most of winter … and, of course, being able to enjoy all these beautiful spring flowers which have sprouted and bloomed.

But I really hate it when the weather turns windy and cold and especially when the temperature suddenly dips to very low … because, then, I have to start bringing back inside those plants which I have just put outside on the balcony. So tiring lah … all these bringing out and then bringing in each time the weather changes!

I had started putting outside some of my aubergine, cucumber, tomato, marigold, and zucchini plants so that they could enjoy the nice warm spring sunshine last week … (but placing them on the greenhouse shelves so that I can always close the flap at night if the temperature gets a little chilly) … and, then just two days ago, the weather changed. It turned cloudy and wet and … very cold!  Argghhh … 😦

And yesterday evening, as I was cheering the hubby during his race in the pouring rain, the weather got colder and colder and later dropped to 4°C by the time we got back home. Luckily, I had brought a number of my plants inside during the day as I was a little worried if they might be affected should the cold spring weather continues for sometime. The interior of the greenhouse might not be as cold as out in the open, but since some of them are hot weather plants, I rather err on the side of caution and not lose more plants due to leaving them outside before they are ready!

Still … I did not think to bring inside the lemongrass plants that I had brought outside to re-pot just 3 days earlier. 


The roots of the lemongrass were becoming pot bound and as a result the soil mix would become dry very quickly after each watering. Even the lemongrass themselves are starting to tilt to one side. So last Thursday as it was such a nice and warm spring day, I decided it was time to re-pot the lemongrass. (I will also have to do the same with the pandans).


Instead of re-potting the whole plants, I divided them into two and re-planted only one half of the plants. I do not use lemongrass often in my cooking (but decided to grow them as I liked the idea of being able to pick them whenever I need them instead of buying and keeping them in the fridge until they dried up for not being used!) … so I thought it made sense to re-plant only half of the existing plants as they will definitely grow more.


After trimming the leaves and re-potting into another pot using re-cycled soil mix, the lemongrass now looks sooo much better. And I was very happy to see it enjoying the spring weather outside instead of inside the living room. But not for very long it seemed … because then the weather changed … haizzz…

Although I decided to leave it outside (as it is quite heavy to keep bringing it inside and outside each time the weather changes) … I had no choice…


… but to cover it with a bubble sheet last night when I realised that the temperature had plunged lower than I had expected that it would! As it was already dark when we reached home and it was raining lightly, I did not bother about wrapping it nicely … just as long as it got some protection from the night cold lah! 🙂

And it will continue to enjoy the warm wrap until the temperature goes up again … which according to the Swiss méteo, will not be anytime soon!


The remaining stalks which were not re-planted will be used for cooking as well as turned into a cordial. Given our temperate weather and as they were planted in a pot, the lemongrass stalks are much thinner than those sold back at home in Singapore … but it does it job when flavouring a dish or drink … and that is what is important, is it not?

I must admit that it was very tempting to put all of these stalks into another pot and get them to grow again …  but since I do not have the space to plant another pot of lemongrass, I really had to restrain myself from doing so. 😉

But just in case the ones that I had left outside could not take the drop in temperature despite being covered, I am going to let one or two of these stalks take roots. But I hope that will not happen lah … the pot of lemongrass outside dying on me, I mean!

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