Invasion of the common daisies …

As the temperature gets warmer, the profusion of wild spring flowers is just hard to ignore. They have started sprouting everywhere in great abundance and they are such a sight for sore eyes … at least to me lah! I just love looking at them … as well as I love being able to touch them whenever I have the opportunity to pass by them. I know that I have been getting ‘the look’ from a few people whenever they see me bending and trying to take a closer look at some of these flowers (as well as some plants which I am learning to identify as edible).

But among all the wildflowers that have started blooming beautifully this spring, none is more prolific than the common daisies. This year, they seem to have sprouted in great number in the grassy patches near our home!


This is how the open grassy patch between the two blocks where we live looks like right now. Lots and lots of common daisies have sprouted … as well as dandelions and these tiny purple flowers. It is lovely to see them covering the ground whenever I am on the balcony.


This is the grassy patch near the Lausanne headquarters of Securitas opposite our block … full of daisies as well as some other wildflowers.


More daisies on the other side of the grassy patch between our building and that of the Securitas.


And more daisies all the way to the end of the building. Really … these little daisies are mushrooming all over the grassy areas!


This is the grassy patch along the driveway to our flat right now … also full of the little daisies …


… as well as blooming dandelions and tiny field speedwell … so lovely!

I would have lurved to pick the dandelions flowers and shoots to try to eat them (as they are edible) … but I know it is a bad idea as dogs and cats might have done their business on them! I will have to go to the woods in either Mont Sauvabelin or at Epalinges if I want to try them.


Common daisies … so pretty even though they are small and are considered as weeds by many.


Although many daisies are white in colour, there are also those which has a tinge of pink on them.


These little daisies with pinkish edges are my favourite. They look so cute and so lovely, do they not?


And it is also nice to discover that these little daisies are edible. Imagine … all that free food growing all over the grassy areas close to home. But somehow, I find them simply too lovely to eat lah! I would rather just admire them instead. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Invasion of the common daisies …

  1. Azian, the grasses and the surrounding hedges and bushes do get cut from time to time, especially once spring starts. Although some of the wildflowers will grow back after that, from what I could recall, it would no longer be as how it was before. So I try to enjoy it while it last.


  2. by looking at the grass, naturally it just grownout immediately when the spring started. just wonder, do the apartment management or the municipal authority cut the grass from spring till the next winter?


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