Enjoying cherry blossoms …

It is that time of the year again … when one gets to enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms. Unfortunately, the blossoms do not last very long. So unless we happen to visit the parents when their cherry trees are in the midst of blossoming … we end up not seeing this beautiful annual event happening in their garden altogether. I have missed seeing it for two years in a row … and I think this year will make three because the trees are already in full bloom right now but we already have other plans for this weekend. The hubby will be running his first race for this year on Saturday and on Sunday we hope to go on a day excursion in order to make use of the train tickets that we bought earlier at reduced price.

So … I fear that I might not get to see the cherry blossoms at the parents for myself. But not so for the hubby. As his office was in the midst of shifting to a new location, he decided to work (and then later spent the night) at the parents’ home on Tuesday and, as a result, he was able to see the blossoming cherry trees at the parents’ garden. And since he knows that I love cherry blossoms, he therefore took several photos of the cherry trees in full bloom so that he could show me their pictures. Haizzz … would have been great to be able to see it for myself.

Still … all is not lost lah! There is that cherry tree by the small road down the slope which we can see very clearly from our balcony … and just like the ones at the parents’ … it is blossoming right now. Nice! In fact, there are actually more than one cherry trees in the midst of blossoming near our home … so  … I still got to see cherry blossoms personally, even if I did not get to see the ones at the parents lah! 🙂

And during our stop at Riva del Garda on our way to the daddy-man’s village in Northern Italy … I also got to see and admire another variety of cherry blossoms (those which do not produce any fruit). Their pink flowers were just soooo beautiful that I stopped for quite some time to take several photos of the lovely blossoms and even touched them.


The two cherry trees (just beside the terrace) at the parent’s place in full bloom on Tuesday. This and the next two photos are courtesy of hubby.


Every year, I look forward to seeing these simple but beautiful blossoms …  especially when they cover the whole tree.


Close up of the beautiful cherry blossoms at the parents’.


And the ones nearer to home … taken late yesterday evening. Just behind the big tree on the left, there are more cherry trees.


So yesterday evening when I went down to the refuse collection area to throw some kitchen scraps for compost, I decided to do a detour with my little camera so as to take a closer look at the cherry trees and take some snapshots of the blossoms!


Looking at the pictures of the cherry blossoms that the hubby took from the parents’ garden is of course very nice …

SAM_1887. A

… but it is always nicer to be able to see the actual blossoms with your own eyes lah! And I am so glad that I was able to do so … even though we do not have a garden of our own! 🙂


Close up of the beautiful white blossoms closer to home.


The cherry trees growing on the land belonging to the Christian Bible Camp … not blooming as much as the one by the road. Maybe in another week or so.


Whereas these are the beautiful pink cherry blossoms which lined Viale San Francesco at Riva del Garda in Northern Italy on Thursday, a little more than a week ago.


We had stopped here so that the daddy-man could have a break from the long drive to visit the family in his native village in Northern Italy … and … boy, was I pleasantly surprised to be greeted by these beautifully blossoming cherry trees.


The flowers are superabundant and oh so gorgeous!


So very beautiful are they not? I could not resist touching them and was amazed to find how incredibly soft and silky the petals felt.


The hubby kindly offered to snap a few photos of me with the beautiful bloom … a nice souvenir of this beautiful flower.

This set me to wonder on whether the pink cherry tree that the daddy-man had planted in their copse last year … and which the hubby had helped to put some fertilisers just a few weeks ago … are in bloom as well? Since the hubby did not know … maybe, the only way to find out … is to go to the parents after all … soon! 😉


4 thoughts on “Enjoying cherry blossoms …

  1. Salam Ros, memang I beruntung dapat menikmati cherry blossoms dan bunga2 indah yang lain di negara di sini.Alhamdullilah rezeki dari Allah. Tak tahu lah pulak samada tahun ni budak2 perempuan tu akan panjang pokok ceri tu lagi. Mungkin tahun ni, adik lelaki mereka pulak agaknya! 🙂


  2. Salam CT,

    Wow cantiknya….sungguh menawan..! Untungnya awak dapat menikmati keindahan cherry blossoms….tak sabar nak tunggu bunga tu bertukar menjadi buah dan tunggu you buat entry lagi tentang kanak-kanak memanjat pokok ceri untuk mengambil buahnya. Mesti kanak-kanak perempuan tu dah jadi remaja sekarang ni kan.


  3. Tak pe lah, Kak Arina. Tak dapat tengok ‘live’, dalam gambar pun oklah jugak kan? Tapi mana tahu satu hari nanti you ada kesempatan untuk melihat dan menyentuh cherry blossoms semasa berkunjung ke negara 4 musim! Insyaallah…


  4. Masyaallah Siti…..it was so very adorable ,words could not say…cukup2 cantik dan indah those ‘Cherry blossoms’….kuasa Allah S.W.T. yang menjadikan. How I wish I could see it now Siti…..Kempunan aje Akak ni….


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