Balcony garden in April … peas …

The weather since the past few days have been wonderful … sunny and warm. In fact, at times a little too warm to be spending outside on the balcony for even a few hours. Finally, the temperature hit well above 20°C … even inching closer to the big 30s at certain hours of the day.

Of course, this being spring … the temperature will continue to fluctuate. This run of nice sunny days is expected to change by Friday when it will become cloudy with some rains. And the temperature is expected to drop by at least 10°C, if not more.

The cloudy and rainy weather ahead spells good news for me … as the hubby and I will be accompanying the daddy-man to Italy. So I do not have to worry too much about some of my plants dying of thirst on the balcony while I am away for several days. Still … even though I look forward to visiting the daddy-man’s village once again (and being able to get my hands on pasta spices along the way!) … my heart feels a little heavy at having to leave my many seedlings behind inside the flat.

Anyway, as I have not shared anything for the past two days and given the possibility that I might not be able to log onto the internet while we are away at the daddy-man’s village in North Italy, I thought I will share quickly on how my little pea plants are doing before we left.

As the pea shoots that I had growing on my windowsill were becoming more and more straggly as they grew taller and longer … and then became entangled with each other despite my best effort to get them to twine around the twigs that I had stuck into the pots  … I decided to quickly replant them outside as soon as there was no longer any forecast of impending snowfall at the end of March .

SAM_0642. A

But since I do not know whether they could withstand the temperature in early April (which was still quite cold), I chose to put them inside this greenhouse shelf so that I could close the flap on cold days or nights. Those plants that were in this greenhouse were moved to the other greenhouse shelf … or … in the case of some plants like garlic and lavender, I decided it was time for them to deal with the cold spring weather outside lah! 🙂

However, as the weather had turned nice and warm (and even hot on some days) this week, I decided to remove the cover a few days ago.


Initially, the few pea plants that are in the planter did not seem to want to cling to the strings that I had strung  … flopping to the side instead.


But as I continued to place them in between the strings each time I went to check on them … I saw yesterday that I no longer need to do so … they have started twining their little tendrils around the strings … pheww! I am so glad that they finally did it so that they will climb upwards instead of becoming entangled with each other.

The planter might look a little bare at this moment but after realising that I could actually plant more in the planter, I have since sowed more seeds … a mixture of sugar snap peas and golden sweet peas.


These are the leaves of the golden sweet pea (a mangetout variety with yellow-coloured pods). It is very easy to recognise it as its leaf has a little  purplish tinge near the stem. I read and saw on the internet that it has lovely purple coloured flowers. I cannot wait to see the first bloom! 🙂


While the sugar snap and golden sweet peas need something to cling to, there is no such problem with these Tom Thumb peas. Since they do not grow any taller than 12 inches, just a few twigs or sticks to help them stay upright will do.

Tom Thumb pea pod

This is the second pea pod growing in this small pot. I was eager to try my first home-grown fresh pea that I decided to pick the first pod more than a week ago to taste the pea even though it was still quite small. There were only two peas inside the pod … but at least, I already had my first taste! I am already itching to pick this one, too … but I will try to be patience and let it grow a bit bigger lah! 🙂


A second and slightly bigger pot of Tom Thumb peas … which I hope will start to flower in a week or two.

And since I read and later tasted for myself how delicious pea shoots were … I decided to sow more peas in a small wooden fruit tray just for their shoots.

Pea shooters

Sugar snap pea shoots … after 2 weeks (right picture). I am going to let them grow a little more before harvesting them … but I can already imagine how delicious they will be! hehehe … 😀

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4 thoughts on “Balcony garden in April … peas …

  1. Salam Ros – Insyaallah, I will try to share some of the pictures. Cuma sekarang tengah kemaruk nak ‘bergarden’ so sikit malas nak go through and select the travel photos for sharing here! hehehe … Yes, pucuk peas boleh makan mentah macam salad. Sedap sungguh bila makan dengan nasi. Kalau cuma untuk dapatkan pucuk, you boleh tanam pakai kacang peas kering yang dijual di kedai (tapi jangan yang frozen).


  2. Salam CT,

    Mesti seronok dapat join mertua ke Italy. Jangan lupa buat entry tentang trip ke sana. Pucuk pea tu makan jadi salad ke CT ?


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