Flower bridge planters …

Taking advantage of the short sunny break in the afternoon yesterday from nearly a full day of rain (which has been the weather for most of last week) … I decided to snap several photos of the planters that I use to grow my strawberry plants. Not to show off the planters lah … but only to share a bit more about them, as I have been asked about these planters.


I have chosen to use these planters for our balcony because I do not have to fix any steel brackets in order to place them on the railing.

My reason for not using the steel brackets is not because I do not want to buy these brackets … (in fact, we still have several which we used onto the balcony in our previous flat) … rather it is because I do not want to leave any mark on the white paint of the railing. I suppose I could always put some cardboards underneath the steel brackets to avoid leaving marks on the white railing … but these planters have solved the problem for me lah!


No bracket is needed to place these planters onto the railing. As you can see from the picture, the planters are split in the middle so that the centre of the planters rests nicely onto the railing.


To secure  the planter to the railing … there are plastic stoppers to be fixed onto the railing underneath the planter. But this is more to stop the planter from moving rather than to stop it from falling because it is impossible for the planter to fall from either sides.


And this is how the planter looks like without the soil and plant in it. Because of the split (or spacer) in the middle, the actual space for putting the soil is not as much as it may have seemed from the outside. So I would say it is ideal for plants that do not require lots of soil.


Although it is meant more for flowering plants … which is why it is called Corsica flower bridge … I found it to be suitable for growing strawberries as strawberry plants have shallow roots.


And I like it when the strawberries hang over the pots from the railing … a lovely sight to see and it makes it so easy to pick when they are ripe. 🙂


The retail price of the planter (at least the ones above) is CHF14.90 at the garden centres … which was a turn off when I first saw them as I found it a little expensive for my taste. They cost a lot more in the garden section of big shopping centres. I only decided to get them when they were reduced by 50% at the Coop DIY cum garden centre not far from home. I bought only two so that I could try them out. But when the hubby saw the planters after I had brought them home, he suggested buying a few more while they were still on sale.

However, we ended up buying several of them … because when we next visited the garden centre, the price had been reduced further to just CHF 5 a piece!!! I was very glad that I did not buy them at their original price. The only catch is that these planters came only in one colour at the nearby garden centre.

I saw more of these planters and of different designs and colours when we stopped by a huge garden centre during our trip to the South of France with the parents last spring.

Flower bridge

Interestingly, I saw that the neighbours above have started to use the same type of planters onto their railing this spring … whereas previously they had used a steel hook to fix their planters onto the railing. 🙂  The hubby is convinced that they have done so because they saw ours. I love the colour of their flower bridge planters … my favourite colour. And while ours are round planters, theirs are rectangular and could therefore accommodate more plants. I would not mind getting my hands on these green flower bridges … if they are on sale, of course! 😀

For those who are interested, you can click on this link for the website to the planter’s manufacturer to see the colours in which they are available and the choice of designs they offer.


2 thoughts on “Flower bridge planters …

  1. Salam Kak Arina, I tried to check whether these planters can be bought online tapi nampaknya most of them are US based (since it is manufactured in USA) and they do not deliver outside of US. So, tak ada rezeki you nampakynya. Maybe in time they might become available in Malaysia? Don’t lose hope!


  2. As Salam CT,
    Cantiknye those flower box planters( corsica flower bridge)….How I wish I could have some of those with such beautiful colours. Kakak tak pernah lagi jumpa kat M’sia ni….


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