Early spring flowers at the parents …

As on Sunday I took quite a number of photos of the flowers that are blooming at the parents’ garden, I decided that it would be nice to have a separate entry only for the flowers … so that I would be able to share photos of them individually with a view to allowing their beauty to stand out even more distinctly. Unfortunately, I do not have all their names …  so just enjoy the photos lah! 🙂

Here are some of the flowers that the mum has planted in their garden and copse…


Okay, this is not exactly a flower but I found the shape very interesting and it looks almost like a bouquet of flowers.  A very pretty plant, do you not think so? And there were several of them in the garden.

But those below are definitely flowers … 😉

Spring flowers



Spring flowers 2



Spring flowers 3



The followings are the few different varieties and colours of primroses that the mum has the forrtune of having in her garden this year. The yellow ones far below is the common variety that can be found growing in the wild.


Spring flowers 4


And these are the beautiful and colourful crocuses that were planted in both the garden and the copse …

Crocuses 2


Crocuses 3

And the following pictures show some of the delicate woodland flowers that I spotted growing in the copse at the parents’ … and which I think hold their own against the cultivated flower varieties in terms of beauty even though they are really tiny.



Tiny wildflowers

I will try to capture more photos of the different varieties of flowers … both cultivated and wild … growing at the parents’ as the season progresses.

By the way, last Sunday I also discovered another edible gem growing in the copse at the parents’ apart from wild strawberries — wild garlic! More on the wild garlic in the next entry.

Other entry on the parents’ garden in 2013:


2 thoughts on “Early spring flowers at the parents …

  1. Hi Carol, thanks for letting me know about that plant. I suppose it must look quite pretty in fall when the top turns pink. I will have to make sure that I remember to check it out!


  2. I have the plant that you show in your first photo in my yard in Detroit Michigan USA. It gets about 12″ tall over the summer and turns pink on the top in fall.


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