Signs of spring at the parents …

Spring is such a beautiful time … and I always look forward to its beginning. What I love most is not so much the beautiful colours of springs … but the little signs which show that the cycle of life is about to start once again after having been dormant in winter. I think I am more excited to see buds forming and shoots unfurling than the actual flowers in full bloom with their leaves fully open.

And although we are lucky enough to be staying not too far from nature (but yet close to the city), which allows me to observe such beautiful signs of life with the onset of spring … I love it best when we are at the parents’ and I can observe the signs of life in their garden and the copse at the back of their beautiful home.

So last Sunday, the first thing I did in the morning after drinking my cup of coffee was to go round their garden and their copse to take a look at the beautiful signs of life there. It was certainly very nice to see some of the spring flowers that have started to bloom in their garden such as the primroses, narcissus and crocuses … but … I was equally, if not more, excited to be able to spot other small signs of life in the garden.

Signs of spring

Some of the buds on the trees which were waiting for time and the warmth of the spring sunshine for them to unfurl and start growing.

I was quite fascinated by the new growth coming out of the earth … especially when I accidentally spotted the buds on the top right picture down in the copse. They made my hand itch to try and pull them out … but of course, I did not do so lah! 🙂

And spring will not be spring without the beautiful and colourful flowers … especially the spring bulbs. And as usual, the mum had added new bulbs in the garden as well as down in the copse.

Unfortunately as you can see, many of the flower bulbs have not yet come into bloom … maybe it will be the case in a few weeks’ time. And since the weather has not really warmed up as yet … (I cannot repeat it often enough how draggy winter had been this year!) … it means that the flower beds will have to stay empty for now until the mum is able to start transplanting some of her seedlings into them.

Interestingly this year, the mum has planted a number of crocuses in the copse, which makes it look quite nice. And if those crocuses continue to sprout and spread all over the floor of the copse … as the primroses have done … then the copse will be a little paradise to look forward to next spring! 🙂

The mum looking at the place where it all started … the place where she had transplanted the first 4 primroses into the copse several years ago. And the rest, as they say, is history. This early spring blooms have now made the copse their home. Still … we decided to help them along by digging the baby plants and transplanting them all over the copse!

But primroses are not the only flowers that have been slowly reproducing themselves in the copse. There are also …

… the cyclamens. I could see that the mum had introduced different varieties into the copse. But unlike the primroses, the cyclamens are not generating nor spreading as fast. It would be very nice if there were more of them on the copse floor!

There are of course other wild flowers growing there … which did not require any help from the mum to stake a claim in the copse. I shall share more photos of these flowers as well as pictures of the ones that the mum has planted in her garden in the next entry.

But before I end this entry, I must share this particular flowering shrub which the mum is fond of reminding me of its significance for both the hubby and I.

This shrub in the midst of budding (called forsythia) was planted by the mum before our wedding several years ago. And according to the mum, on the day of our wedding (to which the mum was not able to come as we had our wedding take place in Singapore and she hates to fly), the shrub started flowering profusely. And each time we pass by this shrub together, she usually tends to reminisce about this and to tell me of that day.

Now … is it not nice to know that the hubby and I have a little flowering shrub to remind us of our wedding day? 😀 But like other flowering plants and shrubs in the garden, it is a little late in the flower production this year … with the long winter spell being to blame for this. The date of our wedding anniversary has passed by more than a month but not a single flower in sight yet!

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2 thoughts on “Signs of spring at the parents …

  1. Salam Ros,
    Sama-sama kasih kerana sudi membaca perkongsian I.Entry pokok buah nak kena tunggu bila pokok-pokok buah mula berbunga. Rasanya lama lagi pasal pokok cherry yang selalunya berbunga dulu pun tak bernunga lagi!


  2. Salam CT,

    Terima kasih atas perkongsian ini. Saya sangat teruja membacanya dan tidak sabar menunggu entry baru, terutamanya tentang pokok buah-buahan di kebun mertua you. Pelan-pelan taip ya..

    Terima kasih daun keladi.


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