Busy weekend at the parents …

It has been a while since we last visited the parents. We had wanted to visit them during the Easter holiday … but as the little toe on my left foot suddenly swelled (for a reason unknown to me) we therefore had to cancel the plan as it hurt to walk … let alone for me to wear any shoes. I could have tried to wear slippers … but since we are not in summer and this has not been a warm spring either … so we had to cancel the planned visit to the parents and thus spent the Easter holiday at home.

Fortunately, last week I did not have any classes, either. So I was able to stay home while waiting for the swelling to subside. Of course, the swollen little toe did not stop me from planting potatoes on the balcony even though I had to limp my way about on the balcony on Easter Monday! hehehe … 🙂

Thankfully the weather behaved well enough over the weekend. Although it was not very sunny and not very warm either, but at least it was not very cloudy … and, more importantly, it did not rain! And so we spent the whole of yesterday outside. Errr … not to enjoy the spring weather but to help the parents with their garden lah!

They had both done quite a lot to the garden since our last visit — the garden was very tidy and the shrubs and trees were trimmed. And I could see that the mum had planted some spring flowers all over the garden … which I shall share more photos on in a separate entry.

But as it is a very big garden (if you include the copse as well), there is therefore still a lot more to be done. And so, yesterday, as we visited them over the weekend, the parents got the hubby to help them with moving and planting some of the plants around the garden and the copse. Well, of course, I helped, too … but just not as much as the hubby lah! 😉

Early on Sunday morning and the daddy-man was already busy at work in the garden — extending the flower beds near the terrace.

In between doing the flower bed … together with hubby, they moved the heavy mini flower bed to remove the soil inside it so that it could be washed and re-used for new sets of flowering plants this spring and summer.


After that … the hubby took a walk with the mum around the garden and the copse so that she could tell him what she needed him to do for her.

First, she needed him to transplant some potted plants into the flower bed in the lower garden. And while the hubby was busy digging the earth … I helped to remove the stinging nettles (or stingers as the mum called it) from the flower bed. Although stinging nettles are useful for making into liquid fertilisers, unfortunately, the flowers attract butterflies which will then lay their eggs which in turn become caterpillars that might ravage the leaves of the flowering plants in the bed. And since the leaves of the stinging nettle sting (as their name implies), it is a good idea not to have them in the flower beds lah. So … out they go. But not to be thrown away … they were re-planted down in the copse, near the stream where they should not be able to do any harm … to either flowering plants or to humans! 🙂

Besides the nettles, I also helped the mum to remove some of the dandelions near her flower beds. And after lunch … we spent quite some time down in the copse.


In case you are wondering what the hubby was doing … under the mum’s watchful eyes … well, we were busy helping her beautify the copse!

Okay, okay … actually, we were transplanting baby primrose plantlets from an area where there are plenty of them growing …  to another area where there is none or very few of them. And hopefully over time, as a result of what we did yesterday, they will spread all over the copse to provide beautiful colours in spring.

Starting with just 4 small plants which the mum happened to chance upon in a wood and then transplanted into the copse, there are now many of these yellow primroses growing there. I was really surprise to see them when I went down into the copse in the morning. A pleasant surprise, of course! Naturally, as we were digging and transplanting these primroses, I was tempted to bring some home to grow on my balcony. But … as I said in an earlier entry, I think these flowers look best when they are grown out of the pots!

However, I did not come home empty-handed … but brought a pot of something which I dug from the parents’ copse and which I hope will grow on my balcony. The mum did not think that they could grow in a pot on the balcony given the difficulty in providing the environment that they needed to flourish … but I am determined to give it a try. (I will share more on that in a separate entry.)

Hubby putting fertiliser

After we were done with the transplanting, we went down again to the copse … this time, to help put some fertiliser on some of the plants there. While the hubby tried his hand at fertilising a cherry tree by the stream, I was putting fertiliser on the rhododendron. Now I know why the mom’s plants are doing very well. She certainly did not leave anything to chance … but puts a lot of effort and care into them!

And after he had finished with fertilising the cherry tree, the hubby was called upon by the daddy-man to help with transplanting some trees on the slope of the copse.

And yet, even after that was done and it was already well past 6.00pm, his day helping with the parents’ garden was still not over!

Before he could finally go for his run …  he also helped to sieve through the used soil in order to remove the roots and clay pellets that were in the soil. But hubby being the way he is … he still find time to clown around even as he was sieving the soil! 😀

Overall, we had a nice time spending the day in the garden … even though it was mostly to work and hardly to play! And although not much of a gardener, even the hubby enjoyed doing so. However … it also made me realise that I would not want such a big garden for myself … and in particular a sloping one! It was tiring to be traipsing up and down the slope between the copse and the house … and for this, I really take my hats to the parents for being able to keep their garden and their copse so nice and well-maintained!


6 thoughts on “Busy weekend at the parents …

  1. Salam Ros, jari kaki I tak lebam cuma bengkak. Mungkin kena gigit atau disengat serangga masa bergarden kat balcony agaknya. Alhamdullilah, lepas sapu ubat 2-3 hari bengkaknya hilang dan sekarang dah boleh berjalan dan berlari pakai kasut dah! 🙂 Cuma kalau sujud masa solat masih terasa sikit. I tak boleh nak komplen sangat pasal semput bila turun naik lereng bukit pasal jawaban Paul senang aje. Dia akan suruh I start berlari dengan dia untuk improve stamina! Lagilah I tak larat!


  2. Salam Ct,

    Dah terlalu excited baca entry baru sampai terlupa nak bertanya khabar tentang jari kaki you yang lebam tu…mungkinkah tersadung kaki kerusi ataupun meja semasa you sibuk bergardening di balcony ? Harap-harap dah sembuh sepenuhnya. Memang semput rasanya turun naik kawasan lereng bukit…saya sendiri pun kadang tak larat turun naik ke kawasan kebun belakang rumah walaupun lerengnya tak berapa tinggi..!

    Take care.


  3. Salam Ros, memang seronok dapat tolong my in-laws kat garden diorang. Dan baru kami dapat ‘merasa’ dan lebih mengerti akan keluhan mak mentua I tentang betapa penatnya menjaga dan mengerjakan taman mereka. Selalunya kami cuma tahu enjoy bunga-bungaan yang cantik dan buah-buah yang sedap dari taman mereka. 🙂
    Insyaallah, kalau teringat dan kalau berbunga pokok2 yang Paul tanam, I akan share.


  4. Azian – Sorry I do not know the size of my in-laws garden and copse. I had asked once before but have forgotten. The problem is not so much the size but that it is a sloping one so that it can be tiring (especially when you are no longer so young and mobile) to go up and down the slope. However, it is nice because you can see the whole place from the top of the slope. That small cottage belongs to the next door neighbour and I think they used it to keep some of their stuff. About the primrose, are you referring to photos that follows the growth of the baby primrose until it flowers? The problem with spring flowers is that they do not last very long and since I do not have any growing on my balcony it is difficult to follow its progress. Sometimes by the time we get to visit the parents again, some of the flowers or plants or fruits that I had seen on an earlier visit are no longer there! But if they are still there when we come again (maybe in a week or two), I will take more snapshots of the primroses from baby to full bloom.


  5. Salam CT,

    Berbaloi sungguh hari ini, setelah tiga hari ‘bercuti’ barulah dapat baca entry baru. Nampak sungguh memenatkan tetapi dalam masa yang sama seronok juga dapat bantu ibu bapa. Tak sangka Paul pandai buat jenaka. Bertuah sungguh mertua you ada anak dan menantu yang ringan tulang. Nanti jangan lupa buat entry tentang pokok-pokok yang ditanam oleh Paul bila tiba masa ia berbunga ya.

    Happy gardening…!


  6. how big is their estate? my parent 1/4 acre compound +single storey bungalow is too big for me to handle. so is your FIL. haizz

    But is so nice being in the village. Aman makmur

    And that cottage is for storage or someone is starying there?

    later, could you please post the baby primrose to flowering primrose. Tq


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