Balcony garden in April … strawberries …

I am thinking that I should be able to enjoy lots of strawberries this year … if all my strawberry plants behave well and bear me some nice red berries to eat, that is.

Well … not just red, I should be able to eat some white ones, too … and hopefully some yellow ones as well. Unfortunately, my tiny yellow alpine strawberry seeds that had sprouted and seemed to be doing well enough died on me after I had placed them outside to enjoy early spring sunshine in March! Arggghh … I could have kicked myself for it … but what is done is done.

So I have sown more yellow alpine strawberry seeds since then … but none has sprouted, yet. And if their growing rate is like the white alpine strawberries that I had grown from seeds last year, it would mean that I might only get to taste my first yellow strawberry at the end of this year at the earliest … if not next spring!!  Shessh … what a very loooong wait.

Oh well, never mind … as the saying goes, patience is a virtue!

So how many strawberry plants do I have this year? Certainly a lot more than last year!! 🙂


These are the five different varieties of strawberries that I bought last year and which have survived the winter in the mini greenhouse. I decided to take all of them out of the greenhouse several days ago as I needed one of the greenhouse shelves for my peas … and I also tidied and trimmed them.

And from these 5 strawberries plants …

Strawberry runner plants

… I potted many of the runners last summer and autumn so as to increase the collection … including sowing a few dried strawberries which now give me lots of small strawberry seedlings (top right)!

Although most of the parent strawberry plants have not sprouted any flowers  …

SAM_0535 A

… except for this Camara which has deep pink flowers …


… and these Reine des Vallées, an alpine variety …

… several of the small runner plants, however, have flowered and some are now in the midst of developing the berries! Nice 🙂


This white alpine strawberry plant is flowering more than it had done in November/December last year so maybe I will get to harvest more of the small white strawberries this year.


This ‘partly broken’ pot of alpine strawberry plants are from the same packet and sown at the same time as the white alpine strawberry in the earlier picture. But they have only started to flower this spring. Since the packet contained a mix of red and white strawberries, it will be interesting to see how many white and how many red strawberries I will get to enjoy from these plants!

Given that all the six different varieties of expensive strawberry seedlings with pink flowers (whose seeds I had bought via Amazon from the UK)  had died … I was, therefore, …


… really elated when I saw this pretty light pink-flowered strawberry plants at the OBI garden centre that we went to last Saturday. So pretty the flowers, are they not? 🙂 I hope it will produce some runners so that I can have more of them!

However … my strawberry collection this year is still not quite complete, yet lah. There are still another two varieties that I have set my heart on acquiring. Unfortunately, they are of a rare variety that are not easily available, especially in Switzerland. But with the mum agreeing to help me … I think I should be able to get my hands on them. And when I do, I will show how they look like. Wish me luck. ok? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Balcony garden in April … strawberries …

  1. Hi Azian, they are split pots so that you can just put them over the railing without having to use any bracket. I will share photos of them and the ones that my neighbour upstairs is using so that you can see how they sit on the railing.


  2. Hi Siti

    may I have a closer look at your strawberry plant pots. how do you hang them on the fence?


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