What a coincidence …!

Not long after arriving home from his shopping spree at Aubonne Outlet tonight (which I chose not to go) … the hubby said he wanted to show me something — an advertisement he had seen at the railway station.

So he went online and then called me to see the page below …

The advertisement that he saw was one of the posters that are shown here, on a website called Swisspatat … which is a website set up by Swiss potato producers with a view to encouraging increased consumption of Swiss potatoes.

Did you notice anything familiar?

Well … you might have found it familiar only if you had seen and read my entry on planting my potato seedlings on our balcony which I shared just yesterday!

Okay … this is the poster that caught his eye … and mine, too when he showed me.

The first thing that came to my mind as soon as I saw this poster was … hei, that looks exactly like the picture I took of the potatoes that I am growing this year!

Errr … okay it is close enough even if it is not exactly alike lah! 😉


See? The shape of the potatoes might not be the same … and the potato on the left of my picture was not as red as the one in the poster … but the arrangement and the colour scheme of the potatoes were exactly alike! What a coincidence, huh? 🙂

By the way, there are also recipes from the different cantons in Switzerland on the website on how to cook and prepare these potatoes  … so feel free to click on the link if you like to try the recipes!  Unfortunately, they are in French … but hei, that is what the online translator is for … to help translate things like recipes!! hehehe …

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