Who says oranges have to be orange …!

We had some snowfall yesterday … and the sky was grey. This morning seems to be a little brighter … but … it could change later on in the day.  Anyway, rather than talk about the lousy spring weather I might as well share on something that is more cheerful and colourful than the weather … oranges!

I have been taking orange juice on a daily basis for nearly 2 months now. Every morning, in fact. Not because it is a new habit that I suddenly picked up … but because I just have to! Or rather it is recommended that I do so … if I want to make sure that the iron pills that I have to take every morning produce the effect that I want … which is to increase the level of iron in my blood!

After being diagnosed with low iron during a blood test in January, I have been put on iron pills subscription for at least 3 months to help increase my iron level … before resorting to having iron shots. And it was the pharmacist from whom the hubby bought my iron pills who recommended that I take my iron pills with orange juice. As I was interested to find out more about the reason for taking orange juice with my iron pills, I decided to google to find out … before I started taking them.

DSCN7058 A

And from a medical website I learnt that orange juice (or anything with a high content of vitamin C) would help in the absorption of iron into the body. Taking tea or other caffeinated drinks on the other hand will block the iron absorption and thus render it useless to take the iron pills orally! So for now … no coffee until at least 2 hours later to make sure my body absorbs the iron supplement in my body.

DSCN7163 A

And because of that … oranges are now a regular item on our grocery shopping lists. And whenever there are offers, we buy more of them from which we make fresh juice.

Well … I could have made my morning life easier by buying ready-made orange juice from the supermarket. But if I am going to take orange juice, the hubby and I would prefer to have it fresh. So pressing fresh orange juice has now become my daily morning routine.

DSCN7047 A

Although we usually buy the common oranges for pressing into juice  … ideally organic ones … another type of oranges that I have started to enjoy drinking its juice is the variety known as orange sanguine (or blood orange in English). And really the colour of the juice, as the name suggests, looks remarkably like blood. So I wonder whether it might not be  the choice for ‘make believe blood’ in vampire films than tomato ketchup that I had always assumed it to be! It definitely tastes wayyy better than tomato ketchup … hehehe 🙂

DSCN7051 A

An orange demi sanguine (or half-blood orange). The mix of its red and orange flesh, when pressed …

DSCN7063 A 

… gives a beautiful rose-coloured juice.

I was introduced to this orange during my first visit to Italy some 20 years ago. They were served as cut fruit for dessert after dinner … and I remembered thinking to myself … ‘why are they serving rotting oranges to us?’!

Hmmm … can you blame me when I had been brought up with a diet of orange-coloured oranges (which is why they are called oranges, right?) and was taught in school that orange is well … orange! So how was I to know that there are oranges which are not exactly orange in colour! So I did not try this orange variety during our first encounter!

DSCN7173 A

It was only much, much later that I learnt that there was nothing wrong with that type of orange but that it was just how it was supposed to look … silly me! And when I came to live here a few years ago, I got reacquainted with these oranges once again.

Now, not only did I learn that the flesh of these oranges are not just spotted with red …

DSCN7066 A

… but they can also be totally red! This is how the ‘full-blooded’ blood orange can look like … for those who have never seen it. A truly rich colour flesh …

DSCN7070. A

… which gives this rich red-coloured orange juice! Unfortunately, the camera was not able to capture the true colour of the blood orange juice … but really, the deep reddish tone is truly like blood! It took some getting used to … drinking it … but once you pass the initial stage of aversion to drinking something which looks like blood, it is just another juice drink lah! And a nice one, too. 🙂

DSCN7169 A

They might not look too different from the outside … but you ought to be able to see some tinge of redness on the skin of the orange sanguine (on the right). But to be sure that you are getting yourselves blood oranges,  just read the labels when you go shopping for it lah! 🙂

DSCN7084 A

Just to show the different colours of the orange juices that I have been drinking in the morning! Very pretty colours are they not?

DSCN7091 A

If they are very sweet … I would sometimes press more to drink during the day as well. But if they are a little sour …  errr … just one would do to help with the iron absorption lah! 🙂

Interestingly,  sometimes I could taste a slight bitterness in the juice of the blood orange … almost like a grapefruit.

DSCN7085 A

So who says that orange juice must be well … orange in colour!

Soon its season will be over … and it will be harder to find it in the supermarket. But for now … I am enjoying the pleasure of drinking the blood orange juice … with my iron pills! 😉


4 thoughts on “Who says oranges have to be orange …!

  1. Salam Ros,
    Terimakasih kerana bagi tahu yang kiriman biji benih dah samapi. Harap2 kesemuanya dapat tumbuh di iklim Melaka! Happy gardening to you, too! 🙂


  2. Salam CT,

    Syukur alhamdulilah kiriman you telah selamat saya terima sebentar tadi. Terima kasih yang tidak terhingga saya ucapkan. Insyallah saya akan cuba semai kesemuanya setelah cuaca stabil. Sekarang ni cuaca cerah diwaktu pagi, panas terik di tengahari, petangnya pula hujan beserta angin dan petir.

    Happy gardening.


  3. Salam Ros, sebab tu lah I share supaya yang mungkin tak tahu menjadi tahu! 🙂 Kat sini pomelo mahal dan tak mudah nak dapat,, jadi I tak pernah beli walaupun I suka makan pomelo.


  4. Salam Ct,

    Wow satu penemuan baru bagi saya. Tak pernah diduga adanya isi orange yang berwarna merah..! Cantikkkk…biasa tengok isi pamelo je yang ada sedikit kemerahan.


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