Basking in the spring sunshine …

It was another lovely spring morning, today. The sun shone so brightly and it was reasonably warm. Finally, the temperature hit above the 10°C mark … nice! And since the hubby was working from home again … which means that I got a good excuse to make myself busy on the balcony since the hubby was using the computer at home! 🙂

Although there is a lot to do on the balcony on a nice spring morning, I decided that I needed to check on something first …

DSCN7123 A

… the state of my compost! After having made my own compost successfully last year, I made sure that I would be doing the same this year. I had managed to fill up these two used potting mix bags (plus another half-filled bag) with things that could be turned into compost … before the weather turned too cold and snowy for me to continue to do so.

The compost in the two bags is not yet 100% ready … mainly because we have had quite a long winter this year which therefore deprived the compost of the heat that is needed to break down the compostable items in the bags. But, they can already be used if I need to lah!

Carrot seedling growing in compost

Interestingly, when I opened the bag on the right … I saw these two little seedlings growing in the compost! They were not recognisable at first … but when I was turning over the compost, I soon realised that they were seedlings that grew from the carrot tops that I had put into the compost heap. I found several of them inside the compost bag. Ooops … okay, lesson number one … never put carrot tops into the compost heap! 🙂

And then since I had read last night that it is good to bring the seedlings outside to bask in the sunshine, I decided to do just that! Not all my seedlings … but mostly those that have developed true leaves. It is what is called ‘conditioning or hardening’ the seedlings to the weather outside … a necessity for those gardening in temperate climate.

DSCN7127 A

So … one group on top of the garden shed.

DSCN7136 A

And another group on the floor (on top of plastic troughs).

Salad mix seedlings

The mix salad seedlings looked good … and I cannot wait for them to grow big enough so that I can start harvesting them. 🙂

Lemon cucumber and long bean seedlings

Although these two batches of seedlings were sowed much, much later … size wise, they are like giants in comparison with the others. Crystal lemon cucumber on the left and two types of yardlong beans on the right – a climbing variety and a dwarf variety.

DSCN7138 A

‘Moneymaster’ eggplant seedlings towering over ‘Little finger’ eggplant seedlings on the far left (as tiny as its name even though they were sown at the same time! :)). I had actually ordered through Amazon a different variety of eggplant which is compact and more suited for container growing … but was wrongly sent the ‘Moneymaster’ eggplant seeds instead. Unfortunately, it was too late for me to do anything about it as I  did not realise the error until after I had already sowed the seeds … which was several weeks later after receiving them! haizzzz …

DSCN7149 A

Ulam Raja‘ or wild cosmos basking in the spring sunshine. So far so good … although I am not sure whether it was a wise move on my part to put them outside to join the others  Today, I learnt another lesson … a rather painful one.

Much to my regret … some of the tomato and pepper seedlings started wilting when I brought them back inside in the late afternoon … argggghh!! The change in temperature between indoor and outdoor must have come as a shock to some of the more fragile seedlings that they just wilted! Obviously, although the temperature outside had seemed warm enough to me, it was not to some of these seedlings. And I should not have left them outside for too long … especially when it was their first outing! Haizzz … definitely, a painful learning lesson for me.

I can only hope that some of the seedlings that had wilted will survive and perk up again tomorrow morning. If not … hmmm … it means that I will have to sow the seeds again lah! What bad luck! 😦

Anyway …

DSCN7097 A

… I thought I will show my white onion plants again … after I have tidied them up. They look pretty good huh? And guess what? After checking … I found out that while the plants have survived the snowfall and freezing weather … the aphids (that were all over the plants when I had placed the pot inside the greenhouse) did not!! Yahooo!!! 🙂

DSCN7128 A

Rosemary … looking green and healthy even though I decided to move the pot outside the kitchen door early this year. But I placed a protective cover over the plant whenever there was snowfall… and this seemed to have done the trick of keeping the plant alive … and thriving!


And since someone had asked me about my curry plant, I thought I would share the latest photo of the curry plant. Unlike the pandan (screwpine) plants which are growing very well inside the flat, the continual dry air indoor had caused the leaves of the curry plant to drop and they had looked a little unhealthy. So just a few weeks ago, I decided to cut off all the remaining stalks … gave the plant a good shower and voilà, it is growing again! 🙂

The later part of the afternoon was spent working on one of my garden projects. I had to improvise along the way … as I was doing it. But since it is not 100% ready … I will not share it yet lah! hehehe … 😀

Have a nice weekend, everyone!


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