Spring is here … but the snow has not really left …!

Today is the second day of spring and what a beautiful day it is … with the sun shining so brightly. I love it!

DSCN7022 A

This is what I call a spring weather! 🙂

But wait …

DSCN7024 A

… what is that white stuff on the ground?

DSCN7021 A

You guess it … it is snow! It had snowed a little last night.  Yesterday was not a beautiful start to spring, unfortunately. It rained from morning until afternoon, followed by the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds for the rest of the afternoon … and then followed by another round of rain in the evening although not for too long, with little ice balls joining the rain at times.

So it seems that, at night, it had snowed  a little … not flakes …

DSCN7029 A

… but ice balls! 😉

Although I was hoping that the temperature would start to get warmer from now on … but just to be on the safe side, I decided to cover the broad bean plants that I had replanted outside yesterday afternoon with  a bubble sheet.

DSCN7035 A

It was a good thing that I did so … because when I opened the cover this morning, my poor broad bean plants looked as if they were dying … drooping so lifelessly due to the snowfall and drop in temperature last night! I was ready to try sowing a few more broad bean seeds in case they would really die on me.

DSCN7095 A

Thankfully, with the strong sunshine … the lifeless plants started to perk up once again by afternoon time. Phewww!! I think, this evening, I will add extra bubble sheets to keep them even warmer!

Despite the chilly temperature yesterday, I decided to take advantage of a bit of sun in the afternoon to do some gardening on the balcony. Beside re-planting the broad beans, I also removed the coverings from the raspberry plants, added fresh topsoil on the pots and even re-did the DIY bamboo trellis.

DSCN7040 A

It is nice to see buds coming out of the raspberry plants … especially on the yellow raspberry plant. I did not get to taste the fruit last year as they had ripened while I was away in Singapore. Maybe this year, I will be luckier!

As was my intention, this year I hope to use more self-watering pots to help alleviate  my watering efforts. Ideally, it would be easier to create such containers with a container that does not have any holes at the bottom. But since I did not want  to throw away my existing plant pots, I am re-using the same method that I used with my tomato plants last year but with a little tweak. And I also intend to use more re-cycled stuff, too!

Using a plastic container (that is normally used when buying take-away food in Singapore) that I cleaned (I had brought with me when I moved here), a tube from the feet of an old shoe shelf and a strip from an old t-shirt … to create a small water reservoir for the pot. The shoe laces came from an old shoe of the hubby’s … and came in handy for tying the plant to the bamboo trellis.

And this afternoon … while the hubby is working (and using the computer) … I have decided to busy myself doing more gardening stuff! But that is for sharing another day lah!


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