When more snowfall = more soft water … for the plants …!

It snowed heavily last night … so much so that the hubby was soooo excited that he would be able to go for a run on the snow this morning (since he is working from home today).

DSCN6908 A

This was how heavy the snow fell last night. Within a short time, our balcony was quickly filled with snow … and the hubby promptly decided to go to bed early so that he could get up just as early to go for a jog before he starts his work day.

DSCN6912 A

This was how it had looked like very early this morning at 6.30am. Not as much as I had expected given the snowfall last night … but definitely a lot more than yesterday morning! It was mainly due to the drizzling rain which had caused some of the snow to melt and the early passage of the snowploughs.

DSCN6918 A

But the slight drizzle did not stop the hubby from going on his planned morning run. He went ahead with his run at Mont Sauvabelin … (seen here running in the direction of the métro and then down to Sallaz and up the hill to the little forest of Mont Sauvabelin.)

DSCN6956 A

And this was when the rain and the morning sky had cleared a little half an hour later. Quite a pretty sight … the last day of winter … before springs officially starts tomorrow!

A Brazilian neighbour of ours had warned us a few months after we had moved in that we could see snow as late as March here … and it seems that she was right. We did not see it on our first two winters here … but there was certainly plenty of snow this year … all the way, this late date in March!

DSCN6961 A

By late morning, the snow on our balcony had started to melt a little. Soooo …. rather than letting it melt all the way to nothing  … and since he is working from home, …

DSCN6963 A

… the hubby decided to do exactly as what he had done more than two weeks ago. He scooped up all the snow on the balcony into buckets and a dustbin so that we could save the melted snow for my plants… before he went for another run in the afternoon! What a great idea! 😀

DSCN6976 A

And he scooped all that he could from the balcony …

Scooping snow from a pot

… even from the snow that had fallen into some of the pots! hehehe …

DSCN6999 A

And he managed to fill up 4 buckets and a dustbin … not bad huh? And while he was scooping the snow, I busied myself … no, not just with taking photos of him doing the snow scooping (although I did take several for souvenirs and for sharing on this blog) …

Filling empty water bottles with melted snow

… but with filling empty water bottles with melted snow … which is what I have been doing since yesterday lah!

Seeing that this black container was quickly filled up with water when the snow on the garden shed started to melt (aided by the rain) and dropped into it, I quickly filled up the empty water bottles that I had (after having used the melted snow for watering my seedlings and plants) with today’s melted snow.

It was cold … but I managed to fill about 20 bottles with the melted snow from the 3 black containers this afternoon. I did not empty the 3 containers as I ran out of empty water bottles! But it is okay as it is still better than letting all that melted snow overflow the containers and falling onto the ground.

I am happy to say that I have not been using any tap water to water my seedlings or the plants (both outside and inside our flat) since winter started a few months ago! Is this not nice? Not only did we save on the water bills (although water is not very expensive here) … but, more importantly, the plants and seedlings are spared from having to drink the hard and chalky tap water!

Hopefully, they will reward our hard work with some nice bounty when gardening season starts … very soon! 😉


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