Snow, rain and mist …

Two days to spring and it is still snowing here. It did not really stop from morning except that at times instead of pure snow it was a mixture of snowflakes and rain that fell … causing the snow that had fallen last night to melt. The hubby is hopeful that he will be able to run on snow this evening once he comes home from work … but as the temperature is not cold enough to keep the snow as is … it will have to be a wait and see lah!

Thankfully, this week could be the last of the endless wintry weather that we have been having … since October last year. And as much as I am regretful that it will be over before the hubby and I can find a good time to do some winter sport this year … it will not come soon enough for me! 😉

DSCN6859 A

Early this morning … a little after 7.00am.

DSCN6864 A

Nice and snowy with clear morning sky. I was quite happy to see it until …

DSCN6868 A

… it later started snowing again! Awww … shucks!

DSCN6870 A

There goes my plan of doing something on the balcony! I had been busy surfing the internet last night looking for ideas to plan my balcony garden and I was hoping to see the possibility of trying 1 or 2 ideas that I had seen this afternoon … and it had to snow! It was supposed to fall tomorrow!

DSCN6884 A

From light snowflakes … it later became quite heavy.

DSCN6875 A

What a dampener! After almost 5 months, I was no longer as elated as I once was when it first started to fall a few months ago. But it is still nice to see lah … just not so nice to have to bear with it for much longer! 😦

However, it later slowed down again and became more rain rather than snowflakes.

But with the rain …

DSCN6901 A

… came the mist!

DSCN6899 A

Quite a thick mist at that … which had only decided to let up a few minutes ago.

After 7 hours, the snow, rain and mist have finally lifted up for the day … and which I can only hope will continue to be so for the rest of the day. However, as some snowfall is still forecast (at least at our place) for tomorrow and possibly Wednesday … I guess I shall just have to contend with this wintry weather for a while longer.

SAM_0399 A

But come weekend and from next week onwards … I should be able to enjoy the beautiful kind of weather we had 3 days ago  … and I should also be able to take out all my plants from the greenhouse again and let them bask in the spring sunshine!

And … which also means that I should be able to start on my balcony garden project!! Yahoooo  … 😀

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