Signs of spring …

It was such a beautiful sunny day today that I thought I would take my new camera with me when I went to do my grocery shopping … so that I could take some nice snapshots of the spring flowers that I had seen a few days earlier.

Yup, after many months since my mini Nikon had died on me … I finally bought myself a new compact camera so that I no longer have to borrow from the hubby whenever I want to take some snapshots. Even though the hubby had told me that I could use his camera for as long as I wanted (that is, until I find a camera that I like) … I have to admit that I was eager to get one of my own as soon as possible.

And the reason for my eagerness? Well … unlike the hubby, who is extremely careful about how he handles his things and stuff to make sure that they are not unnecessarily scratched, broken, bent, become loosen, etc, etc … I am the very opposite of him when it comes to handling things and stuff. Not that I am very careless … of course, I am not. I am only … just a little careless … and a little impatient when wanting to get things done which therefore sometimes resulted in ‘unforeseen little mishap’! hehehe … 🙂

And that is why I needed to get a camera of my own quickly enough because I do not like to use the hubby’s stuff … not unless I really have to … because I just hate to be nagged or told off by him! With my own things … no such problem lah! I do not have to be extra careful nor do I have to feel guilty or feel worried of being scolded by the hubby when I accidentally mishandled the item. Less stressful!

Unfortunately, it is not a Nikon but a Samsung … which means that I have to play with it a little in order to learn how to use it well since the setting is different. The first few times that I used it, I must say that it did not impress me much … and I kind of regretted a little that I did not wait until there was a Nikon sale (or rather a sale of Nikon cameras that meet my criterias) so that I could buy another Nikon. But the review that I read of this particular camera was quite good … and it was on special offer … so I let myself be persuaded to get one for myself.

However … after playing with the setting a bit more … I now think that the quality of the picture is not as bad as I had initially thought it to be. I still get some blurry pictures … especially when I try to do close-up snapshots … but I think today’s snapshots of the spring flowers that I took turned out decent enough.

Oh well … you can see them for yourself … so, enjoy these shots taken with my new Samsung  WB150F camera.

SAM_0434. B

There might still be some snow on the ground … leftover from the snow that fell on Thursday night …  and we might still be in the last few days of winter …

SAM_0430 A

… but … I was happy to see these common daisies sprouting all over the grassy areas. They are the first to appear as soon as the temperature starts to warm a little.

SAM_0432 A

Close up of the lawn daisy or common daisy or English daisy  … or otherwise scientifically known as bellis perennis.

But the common daisies are not the only ones who have made their appearance now that winter is coming to an end … (at least I hope it will come to an end soon!)

SAM_0443 A

Primroses, too … have sprouted in many places … a sure sign that spring is just around the corner! yeayyy … I loikeee! 🙂

These were found on the grassy patch near the neighbouring block down the road as I was making my way to the métro station. Too bad that we do not have them sprouting on the grassy patch near our own block. Nonetheless, I am just as happy to see them wherever they chose to grow.

yellow primroses

The yellow primroses are the most common and could be found in many places.

purplish primroses

But I was quite elated to see a few deep pink and lilac primroses growing in the same area.

SAM_0439 A

I could have picked some to grow in a pot on our balcony … but I think I prefer looking at them growing on the ground lah! 🙂

Although the two flowers above are pretty enough to warrant several snapshots … however … the main reason for bringing my camera with me when I was going to the supermarket in Croisettes was to take some snapshots of the following flowers.

SAM_0448 A


I saw them growing in a fenced-up garden not far from the Coop Garden Centre at Croisettes when I went there on Tuesday.

SAM_0466 A

I was amazed to see so many of them sprouting all over the garden when I first saw them that I regretted not having my camera with me on that day to take a few snapshots of them. I was a bit worried that I might not see them again as snowfall was forecast in the middle of the week.

SAM_0451 A

But when I approached the garden this evening, I was very happy to see that they are still sprouting all over the garden!

SAM_0468 A

They are so lovely are they not? Unfortunately, they have not really bloom yet.

SAM_0455 A

I bet the garden will look even nicer once all the crocuses are in full bloom. But that might not be happening anytime soon … as some snowfall is expected again in the middle of next week.

SAM_0452 A

In fact, I saw that there were already some casualties as a result of the snowfall on Wednesday and Thursday.

Haizzz …  I cannot wait for spring to come so that I will be able to see more spring flowers. And of course, get to start on my balcony garden, too lah! 😉


4 thoughts on “Signs of spring …

  1. Alhamdullilah, good to know you are fine. Selama ini, I did not know kat sana ada crocuses jugak! Teruk betul I ni, hehehe … Kat sini I think the purple crocus is the most common, because I see it more often than the other colours.


  2. Masyaallah Siti, macam ada telepathy pulak kita ni ya? Alhamdullillah, I’m doing pretty good lately, hope you too. Yes, crocuses d Cameron H’lands ada tapi at the low land of M’sia pun ada banyak but I only use to see white and pink colours. But never knew that there are also purple crocuses, sweet betul, anyway purple is my favourite colour..hehehe..


  3. Salam Kak Arina. I was just thinking of you two days ago, and here you are. Panjang umur! 🙂 Hope you are fine. I do not think that I have ever seen crocuses in Malaysia. They grow in Cameron Higlands ke?


  4. Wow…so beautiful those sweet purple crocuses Siti, as what we have in Malaysia either white or pink colour.


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