Playing hide and seek … with the chocolates …!

For those of you who might have been following this blog for a while now  … you might know that I am not too crazy about chocolates … despite living in a country that is famous for its chocolates! I do eat them … but only once in a while when my sweet tooth craves for it … and normally just one or two pieces will satisfy that craving. I think the only time that I overindulged in chocolates was when we brought the mum to visit Cailler chocolate factory last Jun in Broc-Village. Being a typical kiasu, I did not want to lose out and so helped myself to as many of the chocolates as possible during the free chocolate sampling that was included in the tour of the factory … too much for my own good that I felt like throwing up after that!

However … the hubby simply LURVEEEES chocolates. And when he is eating something that he loves, he has problem stopping … not until he has finished the whole stuff! It is a problem when it is something that we both fancy … because if he starts eating them before I have a chance to do so, it usually means that either I will not get to taste any … or … (if he suddenly remembers that he was supposed to share it with this wife of his) that he will leave just a tiny bit for me! Imagine opening a box of biscuits and hoping to enjoy some … only to discover that there are only 1 or 2 pieces left!  Or hoping to have some crisp (potato chips) which I knew I had bought several days ago … only to find out that both packets are gone! Arggghh …

No matter how many times I ticked him off, he still has not been able to overcome this very bad habit … haizzz. 😦

Thankfully … since I do not fancy chocolates much, we have no such problems fighting over them. I am content to let him have all the chocolates generally. But … of course it is still a problem when he ended up eating all of them in one go lah! He has tried several times not to eat too many all at once … but so far there have not been many successful instances of this. He will sometimes tell me not to buy any chocolate so that he will not have to refrain from indulging in them … but then ends up buying it himself when his sweet tooth craves for it. And so, I end up preferring to do the buying of chocolates, especially when they are on sale. Why pay full price when you can pay less, no?

So what to do with his chocolate craving (which I understood to be hereditary as the parents, especially the mum too loves chocolates and have difficulty stopping once she starts on them)? I cannot impose a quota on him like my sister had done with her family … since I know that he would never be able to follow it … no way! Reminding and ticking him off after having eaten too many of them did not work either.

In the end, it was the hubby who suggested that I should hide the chocolates from him! Yup … hide them from him so that he cannot find them and eat too many of them (if not all of them) … especially when I am not around to keep an eye on him. And when he has his chocolate craving, he will ask me for it … normally after dinner or when he is feeling stressed. And I am to give him just 1-2 pieces each time.

Sooo … that was exactly what we have been doing since last week. As a result, I have been busy hiding chocolates all over the flat … changing the secret hideout whenever I think that he might already know where I am keeping the chocolates. The stock of chocolates has managed to last a little longer now … although I caught him eating several yesterday when he found the chocolates that I had hidden! ish … ish … naughty hubby …

SAM_0393 A

Especially since I bought these two large packets of chocolates yesterday! Hopefully, these packets will manage to last long enough. I suppose that I will just have to be creative in hiding them so that he cannot find them lah!

I must say, though, that it has been fun hiding these chocolates from the hubby! It feels as if Easter comes early to us! hehehe … 🙂 And then once Easter is over, there will be a lot more chocolates on sale!

So where have I been hiding these chocolates?

SAM_0379 A

This used to be THE place for putting the chocolates. Yes … in our dishwashing machine!

SAM_0381 A

We have always used our dishwashing machine as an additional storage space! hehehe 🙂 This is normally where I tend to put most of our tidbits and snacks and the hubby his food supplements for running. As there are only the two of us … we do not see any need to use this machine to wash the dishes lah! I could easily do that by hands, myself.

Another place where I usually like to put some snack is …

SAM_0382 A

… in this basket where I place all the dried stuff, especially dried noodles. However, since the hubby is pretty familiar with these two places when it comes to seeking for his shot of junk food … I have to look for other places to stash the chocolates lah!

So far … I have hidden the chocolates …

SAM_0386 A

… here, in a cupboard in the living room among the household stuff …

SAM_0371 A

… among the cleaning stuff in the cupboard beside the fridge …

SAM_0375 A

… among these bottles of sauces in the cupboard underneath the cutting board (and this was where he found the packet yesterday as I had left it there after taking this shot!) …

SAM_0378 A

… and high on this top shelf above the fridge, just to name a few!

However, since the hubby found my latest secret hideout for the chocolates yesterday … I am moving them to another secret hiding place! I do have a few places in mind … but I am not sharing here lah … or the hubby would know!  Not sure how long this game of hide and seek is going to last … but, hopefully one day, the hubby will develop willpower strong enough to be able to restrict his intake of chocolates or any other junk food on his own… or perhaps he will suddenly lose his intense craving for chocolates as I did with ice-cream! Well … one can always hope right? 😉


2 thoughts on “Playing hide and seek … with the chocolates …!

  1. Memang kalau tengah sale, macam menggila nak beli sebanyak mungkin. Padahal I tak makan sangat! hehehe …


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