Gardening update for March 2013 … inside …

After a grey and wet morning, finally the sunshine is making its appearance this afternoon. Unfortunately, some snowfall is forecast on Wednesday and possibly even Thursday … haizzz. This weather forecast definitely will make the hubby very happy as he has not given up hope of going to the mountains to do some raquette (snowshoe walking), at least once this winter. But to me and to my many seedlings at home … it will just mean an extended wait for warm spring weather to come lah! 😦

To me, it has been a very long winter (long enough for me to even suffer from a brief spell of feeling down due to the frequent snowfall and the wintry temperature!) … but to the hubby it seems to have gone too fast! Well of course he is saying that because he had not done any of his favourite winter sports this year … as yet. No raquette … and no ski de fond either!

Still, all is not lost, yet … since winter appears as if it is not about to leave without a fight. So I am pretty sure that we shall manage to squeeze in a trip up the mountain to do a spot of raquette in the coming weeks before all that snow starts to melt with the onset of warm spring weather. We shall see!!

In the meantime … the hubby and I shall continue to share our home with my plants and many seedlings lah! hehehe … 🙂

DSCN6745 A

Pots of healthy looking pandan (screwpine) basking in the winter sunshine in the living room … with lemongrass in the background.

DSCN6743 A

A small pot of tom thumb peas already flowering and starting to fruit! I should have sown more of these tom thumb peas … instead of the miserable few, if I had known that they would be this tiny! So I have started to sow more of the seeds.

DSCN6747 A

A pot of ‘ulam raja’ seedlings (loosely translated as ‘King’s salad’ in English or otherwise known scientifically as Cosmos caudatus) growing among the peas and pandans in the living room. Thinking that they were not germinating after waiting for nearly 3 weeks, I started to sow a few more seeds … and now ended  up with 2 pots of them!

DSCN6779 A

The various pots of seedlings growing on the windowsill in the living room … including another pot of ‘ulam raja’ (in the green pot). The seedlings are mostly of two types of tomatoes which had been replanted into individual pots …

DSCN6750 A

… except for these rosemary cuttings and sweet potato seedlings (from the sweet potatoes which I grew and harvested last year) … as well as …

DSCN6784 A

… some long bean and lemon cucumber seeds which sprouted just a few days after sowing!

As the hubby had worked from home for 3 days last week (which meant that I could not use our shared computer) … I, therefore, made myself busy … replanting my big seedlings into individual pots as well as sowing more seeds.

DSCN6759 A

Which is why … the rows of seedling pots on the windowsill of our guest bedroom now look like this! hehehe … (fortunately, we do not and shall not be having any guests … or our poor guests would have to share the bedroom with my seedlings! :-D)

As you can see, the pea plants (on the right) have really grown … but since the temperature is still hovering near freezing point on some days and as snowfalls are still being forecast over the coming days, I dare not plant them outside, yet. Although I tried sticking some twigs, they have grown too tall for the twigs! arggggh … Maybe next year, I will have to start them a little later so that I shall not encounter the same problem lah! I was being the typical Singaporean kiasu, deciding to start early so that I could have an early start and not lose out when the weather starts to warm up … and this is what happens, instead! Serve me right, definitely! hehehe … 🙂

Anyway, as I was having a hard time stopping myself from buying sooo many seeds at the start of winter … I now have more seedlings than I have the space for on my balcony! This year, I have sown several varieties of tomatoes (including a tomatillo), peppers, chillies, eggplants, cucumbers, strawberries, beans and peas … etc, etc … (the list goes on).

DSCN6760 A

I also have jicama or yam bean seedlings growing on the windowsill of our guest bedroom! Since jicama needs a long (and hot) growing season … I thought I would start them early. And since I wanted to make sure that they will not die should I fail to water the soil conscientiously (especially when we go visiting the parents or we go on trips) and then having to start all over again, thus losing precious growing months … I have therefore replanted them into a self-watering milk bottles just a few days ago! What a clever idea, huh? Ok, ok, I am just praising myself! hehehe … 🙂

It took them long enough to grow as tall as they are now this year when compared with last year … but the broad beans and zuchini (left) are finally showing some ‘growth’ progress! And the leaves of the black Hungarian pepper seedling on the right have a lovely tinge of colour on them which I really like. 🙂 I am growing more colourful vegetables this year … as you will see (and I shall, too) when gardening season really starts!

Unfortunately, as you might have notice in the picture above, I have ran out of space on the windowsill of the guest bedroom. So …

DSCN6753 A

… I have expanded onto the windowsill of our bedroom! Poor hubby, having to bear with all my seedlings … even in our bedroom! hehehe … 😉 But he has been a good sport about it … and has been very accommodating whenever I would seek his help for something to do with my gardening! Thank you Ta!

Here in our bedroom, I am sowing mostly salads as well as more beans, cucumbers, chards and snake radish.

DSCN6756 A

This salad mix called Rocky Top from Baker’s Creek, USA started sprouting only a few days after sowing. It is the first time that I have grown a mixture of salads, so it will be a nice suprise to see how they will look like.

DSCN6757 A

These, on the other hand, are green salads from the seeds that I had harvested two years ago from seedlings brought from the garden centre. I was quite surprised that they sprouted just as quickly, too.

And less I forget … there is also these fellows here … waiting patiently to be planted, too.

DSCN6788 A

My pink skin and blue potatoes which have really and truly sprouted a lot of spuds and such big spuds, too! They have been sharing the kitchen with me for the longest time while waiting for winter to be over. But by the look of the weather, they might still have to share the kitchen with me a while longer lah!

So what do you think of my many, many seedlings?

Pretty ambitious, am I not? Or crazy might be a better word! hehehe …

Especially, when considering that I still have several more seeds to sow indoors before the end of March … with more to follow to be sown outside as soon as spring weather is here such as melons, squash, carrots, radishes, bok choi, amaranth, water spinach, Chinese mustard green, beetroot, etc, etc …

I do not know how I am going to do it … but I am hoping to try my best to cram all the different varieties and types of vegetables and fruits that I have into our balcony! So now … beside busy sowing and replanting, I am equally busy cracking my head with planning and reading up on how to maximise my balcony space for my garden this year without adding the extra work of watering them!

So if you do not hear from me sometime … you know what I am busy with 😉

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4 thoughts on “Gardening update for March 2013 … inside …

  1. Salam Ros,

    Masa menyemai memang tak ingat dunia (atau tempat untuk menanam!) hehehe … Tapi memang I semai lebih supaya nanti boleh pilih mana yang sihat dan benih-benih tomato tu pulak akan di share dengan mentua I. I dah bilang my MIL supaya jangan beli benih tahun ni sebab I akan semai untuk dia sekali!


  2. Salam CT,

    Tengok pada semaian yang you buat tu macam boleh tanam satu ladang…!..ish..ish..ish…cemburunya saya..!


  3. Hello Jo, the curry plant is still alive but I had cut off most of the leaves last week as they did not seem as green and healthy. Probably due to the dry air in the flat because of the heaters. But new shoots have come out so I should be getting a fresh supply of curry leaves in a few weeks, I hope. 🙂 Hope you are doing well in Munich.


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