Gardening update for March 2013 … outside …

I have not found the time to do much blogging these days.

Definitely, there is a lot to share about … in particular on the Basel Fasnacht Carnival that we went to 3 weeks ago and the long walk that we did on the frozen Lac de Joux just a week ago, in addition to those trips that we did last year with the parents to the south of France in spring and then to northern Italy in summer … but, these days, I have not had a lot of time to sit down and write about them to share on this blog.

Thankfully, we have not been doing much travelling nor have we indulged in any winter sports this winter (so far) as we had done during last winter … so the backlog has not increase exponentially. But … I do have a backlog of travel adventures and photos to share … and I shall try my best to share them before they get too outdated lah!

Today … since the weather is reasonably warm and sunny and since the hubby has agreed to leave the computer to me this afternoon so that I can do some blogging while he takes advantage of the beautifully sunny day to do some tidying of his stuff … I thought that I would share an update of my impending garden for 2013. It is a beautiful day for taking photos … so I might as well show what is becoming of my ‘garden’ to date!

This was how it was when I zipped open the two greenhouse shelves this afternoon … after not touching them for several days! The plants are doing quite well, protected from frost and snow inside the greenhouse … and in fact, some of them seem to have grown quite a lot since the last time I checked on them!

DSCN6715 A

It was nice to see the two troughs of garlic plants growing even taller and looking quite healhy.

DSCN6716 A

My hope of harvesting a few garlics in summer this year seems more certain by the looks of them! 🙂

But what pleased me most when I opened the flap this afternoon (so as to let some fresh air to circulate and get rid of the water condensation) were the various strawberry plants that I had placed inside these greenhouses.

DSCN6720 A

Several of them were busy flowering and a few were even fruiting! Yeayyyyy …

All these flowering and fruiting strawberries, except for the pink-flowered Camara (bottom right), are those grown from runners and seeds. The new plants are still small but yet, amazingly, they have already started flowering … nice! 🙂

DSCN6731 A

Even this group of alpine strawberries (which is a mixture of red and white strawberry plants) grown last winter has finally started to flower. It was not noticeable …

… not until I started to leaf through them! Hurrayyy … what a looong wait it has been for these alpine strawberries to flower. Hopefully, most of them are of the white variety!

DSCN6722 A

Some of the strawberries seedlings grown from the seeds of the strawberry plants that I bought in spring last year finally starting to spurt. They had seemed so tiny for the most of autumn and winter!

It is definitely more time saving to grow from runners … but growing from seeds will definitely give me a lot more strawberry plants! These were planted from the few strawberries that had accidentally been left to dry on the plants. Instead of throwing the dried strawberries, I planted them into the soil. These will be my 2014 batch of strawberry plants, I suppose! hehehe …

Rockets (or arugula in America) from last year replanted into milk bottles doing good (top pictures). The one on the right needs to be re-planted into a bigger pot badly … but as I have not made up my mind as to how I am going to grow my salad crops this year, it will just have to wait lah! The ones at the bottom are pictures of two of the chards that have survived the winter … outside of the greenhouse …

DSCN6738 A

… as well as these white onions planted in late summer which somehow have managed to survive the winter despite having been left just outside the balcony door and having been left uncovered for the most part of winter! I had initially placed it inside the greenhouse to protect it during winter … but later decided to leave it outside to fend for itself when I saw that there were lots of aphids on the plant! The plants have survived … but, hopefully, the aphids have not! (I did not check.)

Right … these are just those plants growing outside on the balcony and in the greenhouse. Of course, there is also the pot of mint, chives, thyme, carrot (yes, I had left a small pot of carrot inside the greenhouse as it was too small to make any meaningful harvest in autumn) … as well as two pots of raspberries and lavender.

Inside the flat … as I shall share with you in the next entry, there is a lot more growing! hehehe … 😀

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