On the trail of the Tschäggättä …

I had hoped to finish this last entry on the Tschäggättä carnival before sharing on what the hubby had been busy doing during the weekend at the parents. But as my time in front of the computer is pretty limited nowadays, I did not manage to upload all the selected photos for this entry before we had to leave to visit the parents. And then we ended staying at the parents a day longer than was originally intended and the hubby suggested that I should share on how we spent our time with the parents … so this entry had had to wait to be published until now. I had contemplated skipping it altogether … but since I had already started working on it and as I had mentioned in the previous entry on this carnival that I would be sharing more photos … so here they are lah!

So after having realised  that the Fasnacht carnival procession had ended, the hubby suggested that we followed the Tschäggättä as they made their way through the village rather than heading towards the bus stop to go back home. Since we were in no great hurry to return home, I agreed. After all … it is not often that we get to see the Tschäggättä! 🙂

DSCN1476 A

And so like many other visitors, we thus trailed after the Tschäggättä … wondering where they were heading to.

DSCN1483 A

But making sure that we stayed well clear of them while we did so …

Victims of the Tschäggättä

…  so as not to get caught … especially yours truly! I most certainly did not want to be third time unlucky lah!

DSCN1491 A

I must admit that it was quite fun joining the others trailing after the Tschäggättä …

Tschäggättä chasing after victim

and seeing how some of the Tschäggättä went all out to look for victims (above photos courtesy of hubby) ... just as long as I was not one of their victims, that is! hehehe … 😉

DSCN1488 A

One of the Tschäggättä decided to climb up a snowy mound. Although some decided to follow suit … but like me and the hubby, they made sure that they were not too close to become possible victims of the Tschäggättä!

DSCN1501 A

Tschäggättä making their way through the lower street in the village of Wiler as seen from the upper street.

DSCN1517 A

And a lone Tschäggättä making his way through the other side of the village on the lower street. We decided to follow him.

DSCN1533 A

And soon found out that this was where all the Tschäggättä were heading to … the Tschäggättä resting ground!

Errr … okay it was not … but it was where the gym cum communal hall (the white building) is located … and where the second part of the carnival celebration was held apparently!

DSCN1537 A

So most of the participants, including the witches …

DSCN1552 A

… and especially the Tschäggättä were gathered here.

And therefore, some of the followers (like us)  … took this great opportunity …

DSCN5751 A

… to mingle …

DSCN1575 A

… and to chat a little with the Tschäggättä (definitely not us since we do not speak their dialect!)

DSCN5765 A

… took more photos of the many Tschäggättä that were gathered there (definitely us!) 

DSCN5861 A

… and for a few of the brave ones (ahem, ahem … 😉 ) … even dared a few shots with the Tschäggättä!  But I made sure that I did not let my guard down during the photo shoot … as I did not want to have my third taste of the Tschäggättä gloves! hehehe …

Many of them might appeared as if they were just innocently hanging around outside the gym cum communal hall after the end of the carnival procession …

… but before you know it … you might become like some of these unlucky ones who were given the Tschäggättä hug and face rub by some of the more mischievious Tschäggättä!

DSCN5724 A

This guy might have thought that he was pretty safe up on the snow mound … but obviously, he was not! 🙂  (above photos courtesy of hubby)

But it was nice to be able to see here, where they were all gathered together … how human the Tschäggättä were underneath all that scary masks and furry clothing … and their mischief-making!

DSCN1604 A

I learnt that some of them like some of us like drinking coca-cola … 😉

DSCN5838 A

… and that frightening unwary visitors to the carnival is a tiring business!!

Tschäggättä resting

Tiring for the adult and older Tschäggättä …

… but especially for the young Tschäggättä!! 

A young Tschäggättä (left) lifting his mask up with his stick to have a breath of fresh air … while the two tired young Tschäggättä (right) decided to rest together near a window. Poor them … seeing them like this, they looked rather pitiful and not at all scary, do they not? 😉

DSCN5774 A

I saw a number of the Tschäggättä lifting their mask (and some of these masks are really huge!) so that they could see better and have breath of fresh air. (photo, courtesy of hubby)

Before we left, we decided to go inside the hall very quickly to check out what was happening inside (which we were able to do as we had bought the Fasnacht badge).

DSCN1587 A

The party was in full swing when we went down to the basement where the hall was located. Many of the participants and their family members were gathered here for the rest of the carnival programme. However, we did not stay long to find out what they were …

… but  only long enough to have a feel of the festive atmosphere in the hall … and catching a few of the young Tschäggättä showing their true faces.

Many of the older and more experienced Tschäggättä, however, were still outside … just simply standing around …

DSCN5850 A

… while the more energetic ones were busy primping (jiggling on the spot and ringing their cow bells) while being shot by what appeared to be a tv cameraman.

Overall, it was a most enjoyable and interesting day … and I was so glad that we did not miss this special Swiss winter carnival this year!

DSCN1544 A

So until we meet again … (next winter, maybe?) … it was a pleasure to meet you, Tschäggättä! And just so that you know … I forgive you for giving me that unwanted face rub with your gloves!! 😉

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2 thoughts on “On the trail of the Tschäggättä …

  1. Salam Ros, memang cute si ‘hantu-hantu’ kecil tu. 🙂 I ada terbaca yang ada topeng-topeng tu agak berat jadi sebab tu si kecil tu kepenatan selepas berjalan dari satu hujung ke satu hujung kampung!


  2. Salam CT,

    Seronok sungguh baca entry kali ini. Kesian pula tengok kanak-kanak yang pakai kostume tu kepenatan…..but they are so cute..!


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