Whitest February so far …

Looking at the snow which has not even had the opportunity to disappear completely before fresh snow starts falling again … there is no denying that we are still in the middle of winter!

DSCN5873 A

Yesterday was another one of those days with snow falling almost non-stop.  And today, although the snowfall did not fall as thick and furious as it did yesterday, it was still snowing until the middle of afternoon.

DSCN5899 A

The bare branches of the trees are fully laden with snow as a result of the continuous snowfall yesterday … a very pretty sight to wake up to in the morning.

DSCN5896 A

And as I had mentioned in an earlier entry, this winter season reminds the hubby so much of the time when he was younger when winter usually meant a white season for at least a couple of days. He was quite excited to see that there was so much snow in Geneva yesterday that he sent me several text messages about it! 🙂

Of course, the only problem with having so much snow everywhere is the possibility that traffic might stall as a result of it. Thankfully, despite the heavy snowfall yesterday, there was no overly long train delays or disruptions … and so the hubby was not delayed in coming home.

DSCN5874 A

This winter certainly has been the snowiest so far … unbelievably so, for me.  And it certainly has been a great winter so far for the hubby to do his run on snow.

Thankfully, it has not been as windy as I remember it to have been the case in previous winters … which is nice. But without the strong wind … it is highly unlikely that we shall get to see the beautiful icy phenomena that we were able to admire last February. But as winter is not yet over … only time will tell lah! 🙂

DSCN5883 A

This is how much snow there was on our balcony this morning …

The level outside our kitchen door – about 24cm high …

… and the level outside the living room – about 29cm high!

DSCN5878 A

If I am brave enough to spend hours on the balcony, today will be the perfect day to build myself a snowman before the snow turns too hard to shape it easily!

But … I think that I will not lah … so that I do not fall prey to any relapse and that I thus remain fit to go for another carnival this coming weekend! hehehe … 😉


4 thoughts on “Whitest February so far …

  1. Well, you can always come here or go to Australia again during winter! 🙂 Gong Xi Fa Cai my dear CB. Did you get lots of ang pows?


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