180° view …

Although it was not a sunny day … in fact, it started to rain just as I was about to leave for France to visit the parents … the sky was quite clear this morning and afternoon. So much so that I could see our surrounding landscape very clearly … especially the mountain ranges opposite us with their snow-covered peaks. Quite beautiful.

And when the day is clear and the landscape looks lovely … as usual, I will feel a strong urge to take snapshots of the landscape to share on this blog! But I have shared quite a number of photos of Lac Léman and the snow-covered mountain ranges that we can see from across our balcony on my previous postings. So … I will not force you to see them again lah … although they are incredible to see on a very clear day … and I still love seeing them despite having lived in this flat for nearly 3 years. 🙂

Instead … I decided that I would try to take a panorama of the view that often greets me when I am on the balcony. And so I decided to fiddle with the hubby’s compact Nikon camera (he bought it for taking photos on his more ‘scenic’ runs) … to see if I could do so.

And … I was sooo happy to learn that … unlike my little Nikon (that has ‘konked’ out on me for a few months now) … this sporty Nikon camera allows me to take panorama shots very easily! Oh wow … now I will be able to take more panorama shots of the beautiful Swiss landscape … nice! 🙂

So this is the 180° view from our balcony this afternoon … before it started to get a little cloudy.

And this is the 180° view from our bedroom window … more than half an hour later when the sky started to turn grey due to the rain cloud.

Unfortunately, I think that the photo quality of the hubby’s new compact Nikon is not as good as that of my little Nikon. But still … for the price that the hubby paid for this camera, I suppose I cannot expect the camera to meet all my expectations! Anyway, a photographer I am not … so this camera will do whenever I need to take shots to share on this blog lah. At least … until I get my own compact camera, that is! 😀


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