There is still snow on the ground …

There might not be any snow in the town centre of Lausanne … but there is still plenty of snow where we live up on the hills. There has been no further snowfall for a week but since the temperature has continue to hover at freezing point (or at least close to freezing point) … despite some sunny days, the snow that fell more than a week ago has not melted fully.

This is how it was this afternoon … before it started to rain.

Unlike the past few days which had seen some sunshine, it was cloudy and wet today. The méteo has predicted some snowfalls towards the end of the week … so I suppose that the white winter landscape will continue for a while longer lah. Nice! 🙂

This is why our regular winter visitors have continued to visit our balcony over the past few days. And today was no exception!


Two of our visitors helping themselves to free food outside our kitchen door on the balcony. 🙂


The two pictures above were taken two days ago. Since then there has been some rain … so the pieces of bread got a little soaked as a result before I remembered to bring the bowl inside!


But still … food is food, so although the food is a little wet, our visitors are still coming to help themselves with the free food. These two pictures were taken this afternoon while I was having lunch.


It is always nice to have some company during meal … even though we might not be seated at the same table! hehehe … 😀

Soon, I will have to replenish the bread again.


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