Helping out with the fire logs …

You know … it is not all nice and fun having a chimney at home. It might seem quite lovely and romantic when the fire in the chimney is glowing beautifully, especially in the evening … but … there is the work involved in maintaining a chimney which one might not always be aware of and which is not so lovely to have to do!

First, there must be someone to feed wood to the fire almost continuously to keep it burning nicely. Then, there are the ashes that have to be cleared away and the chimney cleaned once the fire has died down. Last but certainly not least, there are the wooden pellets or logs that have to be either purchased, recuperated from wooden crates or chopped into smaller pieces (from felled trees) in order to feed to the fire!

So come winter, the daddy-man always have to make sure that he has enough supply of firewood. He will normally buy some from the stores to supplement the wood obtained from the trees in the small wood below the house that he will have chopped into smaller pieces. It is a lot of work … heavy work, indeed.

So yesterday, since we decided that the hubby would work from the parents’ place (instead of from home), he was thus able to help the daddy-man carry some of the pieces of wood and stack them nicely in the greenhouse. I helped a little, too … but I did not carry any of the wood lah! hehehe … 🙂

Hubby … taking a little time off from his work yesterday to help carry and stack in the greenhouse the former wooden crates that had been chopped into logs for use in the chimney.

DSCN2379 A

And after all the pieces of wood that had been transported in the car had been nicely stacked and stored away …

DSCN2386 A

… the hubby then helped to bring up the woods that the daddy-man had chopped and left underneath the little cabin in the garden.

So, up and down the stairs the hubby went … to collect some of the chopped woods to bring them into the greenhouse so that it would be easier for the daddy-man to get ahold of them when he needs them for the chimney.

DSCN2398 A

The daddy-man tried to help but he could not carry anything too heavy as his right shoulder still has not fully healed (in fact, the chopping had made it painful again). Poor daddy-man.

DSCN2401 A

Up the garden stairs with the wheelbarrow filled with chopped woods …

DSCN2402 A

… and into the greenhouse.

It was a very cold day yesterday … as it was this morning when I made my way home.  So although I would have loved to stay outside a little longer to see the father and son working together, I decided to quickly go back inside the house! Brrrr …


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