A little visitor to the parents’ home …

We are at the parents’ today … the last time having been almost three weeks ago.  But we are not the only visitors, today, it seems. Another visitor chose to grace his present at the parents, too … but he certainly is far cuter than us! hehehe … 🙂

Actually, I have been trying to get some nice shots of the parents’ little visitor for quite sometime … ever since I saw him making his visits several weeks ago. But he was just too quick for me … and, I suppose, too shy to have his photos taken lah. And, of course, he also chose at times to visit while we were busy having our meal … so that it was difficult to try and get a shot of him without appearing to be rude at the dinner table!

But this morning, he was in a much ‘friendlier’ mood. Although I missed getting shots of him when he first came to the house … I was lucky to catch him taking a break on his way back to the woods after his visit! In fact, he paused for quite sometime and he did not even run away when I came a bit near to try and get his photos!

Here he is …

DSCN2352 A

… the cute little visitor who has been making frequent visits to the parents. We have no idea where he went to … but he will usually climb up this wooden trellis to the second level and disappear.

DSCN2357 A

He paused for quite sometime here on his way down … so that I was able to take several shots of him while he was sitting there.  I would have loved to touch him … if he had been even ‘friendlier’! 🙂

DSCN2358 A

Making his way down the wooden trellis …


… onto the wooden gate at the side terrace …

DSCN2361 A

… back to the wooden trellis …

DSCN2363 A

… before finally hitting the ground.


When he moves, he certainly moves very quickly … and he soon disappeared back into the woods while I was still trying to adjust the focus of the camera! So no photo of him scurrying across the snow back into the woods below … haizzz …

Actually, he was not alone … I later found out. But his friend was even more shy and did not even dare to come close to the house! Maybe next time, I will be lucky to get a shot of the two of them together! 😀


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