While waiting for the Bernina Express train in Pontresina …

We arrived very early in Pontresina (as was our plan) … in order to make sure that we would not miss our Bernina Express train ride (as what happened when we first tried to catch the Glacier Express) … because if we did, then we would also miss the connecting Bernina Express bus ride from Tirano to Lugano … and we might ended up being stranded in Tirano, if we chose to try and go with the RhB (Rhätische Bahn) train as we had done with the Matterhorn-Gotthard Bahn for the Glacier Express!!  And of course … there is the cost of trying to do the trip again, if we had failed to catch this train.

At the same time, the extra time in Pontresina also meant that we were able to do a bit of sight-seeing in the little town. Well … at least the hubby did lah, as I decided to stay put in the waiting room at the train station with our bags since it was raining when we reached Pontresina.

Really … it was a pity that we were not able to stay at the youth hostel there, as it was situated just opposite the train station … and Pontresina looked very nice from what I managed to see of the little town that morning and later on from the pictures the hubby took.

Hmmm … maybe, we are meant to go back there for another visit one day lah! hehehe … 🙂

Instead of taking the train which takes only 10 minutes to reach Pontresina from St Moritz, we chose to take the bus even though it took at least an additional 10 minutes to reach our destination … mainly because the bus leaves earlier than the train … and we would rather sit in the bus to enjoy the landscape en route rather than wait at the train station!

So while I waited in the waiting room of the train station … to make sure that we would not miss our train … the hubby went off on a little jaunt under the rain, to check out the little town of Pontresina.

DSCN5528 A

The youth hostel at Pontresina … just across the road from the train station.

DSCN5529 A

A small square next to the youth hostel with several information boards.

Too bad the weather was lousy when we were there … because from the pictures that the hubby took (below) … I could see that Pontresina is very beautiful … the buildings in particular! They are like those that we saw in Klosters!

DSCN5649 A

Still plenty of snow in Pontresina even though it was already the middle of April.

An area which was of great interest to the hubby … because of the possibility of doing either ski de fond or raquette here! 🙂

And the followings are the photos of the beautiful buildings and houses in the area … courtesy of the hubby. Please excuse the water marks on the photos … as the weather was not the most ideal for photo taking on that morning!

Okay, no text … just enjoy the photos …

DSCN5662 A

DSCN5663 A

DSCN5665 A

DSCN5667 A

DSCN5672 A

DSCN5675 A

DSCN5678 A

DSCN5682 A

DSCN5684 A

DSCN5686 A

DSCN5688 A

So what do you think? Quite a lovely place, Pontresina, do you not think so?


And all those intricate little details and designs on the exterior of the building … I just adore them!

DSCN5691 A

Soon … it was time to get onto the famous Bernina Express train … for a ride through the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Bernina Railway line … which would take us all the way to the town of Tirano in Italy!

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3 thoughts on “While waiting for the Bernina Express train in Pontresina …

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  2. Azian, tak pe boleh tabung lagi. Tapi kena pakai tabung gajahlah supaya boleh menabung lebih sikit pasal Swiss lebih jauh dari INA! hehehe …


  3. SUBHANALLAH! Cantiknya ciptaan Allah. Make me want to go there. Apakan daya tabung ayam dah pecah bulan November 2012, pergi Jogjakarta, INA

    Tunggu bonus pulak lah


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