Just another snowy day … to welcome me back to class …

Since it will take some time for me to finish the entry on the Bernina Express train, I might as well share on the snowy day that we have had today … a nice welcome to the start of a new term for my French class which started this afternoon after a 3-week break! 🙂

There were some flurries yesterday evening … when I was in town, busy checking out the sales after my doctor appointment in the morning. But it did not last long (fortunately) and it stopped by the time I was making my way home after a long tiring day in town.

But this morning … the snowfall started full force, thankfully after the hubby had already reached his office in Geneva … and as I was napping after I had finished formatting some of the photos of our Bernina Express train ride for uploading into my entry.

It was snowing quite heavily for a few hours so that for a while … I thought that maybe I might have to brave the snowfall in order to go to class in the afternoon. Fortunately, the snowfall stopped about an hour before I was to leave … pheww!!

The calming view after the snowfall had ceased … before I left for class in the late afternoon.

DSCN0856 A

The ‘unseen’ workers were quick to create passable paths as soon as the snowing stopped!

DSCN0857 A

I had seen a big white pail near the staircase landing as I was coming out of the lift on my way to class … wondering what it was doing there? I only realised what it was for when I saw that the path had been cleared and a guy from the cleaning company employed by the flat rental agency (in the picture) smiling to say hello!

Of course … it was a pail of salt to throw on the driveway in order to make sure that it would not turn icy and become slippery! How could I have forgotten! I later saw someone busy throwing salt near a school compound as I was nearing the métro station.

DSCN0858 A

The van belonging to the cleaning company parked at the end of the driveway. Definitely, without the salt it might have been slippery to walk on this driveway when I came home later in the evening. But … since they were very quick to clear the path, it also meant that I did not have the chance to walk on fresh fallen snow and hear the crunch as I walked on it lah! A pity …

DSCN0859 A

Cars parked below the driveway to our flats covered with snow.

DSCN0861 A

The small road and the house below our bedroom window.

DSCN0863 A

Lots of snow … nice. 🙂

DSCN0864 A

And the rubbish disposal/collection area … looking a little better after the snowfall … as some of the litter on the ground was covered by snow!

I had hoped to snap some photos of the snow when I was in town for my French class … but the camera’s battery decided to die on me just after I had finished taking some photos near home! shessshs … no luck lah!

Anyway since I had shared many photos of snowfall taken during the day … tonight, I decided to snap some photos to show how the place would look at night when covered in snow. (The hubby and I finally learnt how to use his Nikon Coolpix P100 for night time shots over the Christmas holidays! About time, I’ll say … since we have had the camera for about 2 years now! ;))

So this was how it had looked like earlier tonight, just before 8.00pm … while I was waiting for the hubby to come home from work. These photos were taken without flash so that you can see that despite it being already night time … because of the white snow, it did not seem very dark.

DSCN5250. A

And then it started to snow a little while I was busy snapping the night photos … which caused me to get a little excited (as I love snowfall at night)! This shot was taken with the flash on so that I could capture the snowflakes as they fell.


Unfortunately, the flurries did not develop into a full-fledged snow and soon stopped by the time the hubby arrived home from work sometime after 9.00pm. So I thought that was the end of snowfall for today and night … well, at least that was what I had thought lah!

But guess what? As I was busy writing this entry late at night after our equally late dinner … I realised that it was very bright outside when I happened to look out the window from where I was seated. A quick look out of the window … and my suspicion was confirmed.

Yessss … it was snowing BIG TIME in the middle of the night!!! yeayyy …

So naturally, I grabbed hubby’s camera and took a few quick shots.

DSCN5268 A

It was close to midnight … but this was how bright it was outside when the snow came down hard and fast. I did not even have to use the flash in order to get decent clear photos of the night landscape!

DSCN5263 A

When it is snowing like this at night … I just lurveee looking outside the window at the heavy snowfall.

DSCN5265 A

Well, the heavy snowfall has already slowed down … much to my disappointment.

But on the other hand, I am also glad that the heavy snowfall did not continue … because if it did, then there might be some disruption to the bus and train schedules tomorrow morning …  and then poor hubby might have some problem getting to work! Nope, I certainly do not want that for hubby lah!


2 thoughts on “Just another snowy day … to welcome me back to class …

  1. Thanks Kak Maz. Once I know how the camera works, I found out that it is possible to take decent night shots with that camera without using flash! Better late than never! 🙂


  2. CT, beautiful photos especially the night scenes, I love them all. Bravo to you for that steady hands.


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