Back in St Moritz … a week later …

Just one week after doing the Glacier Express … we boarded another Swiss special train, the Bernina Express. However, unlike the Glacier Express, to do this train ride we had to book accommodation for two nights since the Bernina Express train starts from Davos (or Chur) and ends in Tirano, Italy. Since Chur, the nearest station to us, is at least 3.5 hours away, there was no way that we could catch the train (as we had done with the Glacier Express) … without spending the night near the area.

We had hoped to stay in Pontresina given that I had managed to book our Bernina Express train ride departing from there … but, unfortunately, the youth hostel in Pontresina was not available for booking at that time. Since Davos is further away, we therefore checked ourselves back at the youth hostel in St Moritz, which is only 10 minutes away by train from Pontresina.

And so, for the second time in a week, we found ourselves back in St Moritz and in the same youth hostel that we had stayed a week earlier … but in a different room which was much nicer lah.

So … before I share photos of our ride on the Bernina Express … let me share some photos of our trip back to St Moritz.

DSCN5575 A

The day started fine enough as we made our way back to St Moritz a week later …  this time, not on board the Glacier Express train but on the normal commuter trains … which nevertheless took us 5.5 hours!

DSCN5585 A

As it was not raining or snowing this time round … we were thus able to enjoy the view from the train. And since we had taken lots of photos during the train ride just a week earlier, I decided not to take any this time … so that I could just simply enjoy the train ride.

DSCN5587 A

But as we made our way through the Engadine valley, the hubby decided that he would take some photos of this lovely valley since it was such a nice clear day … especially since there were very few people in the carriage on this stretch of the train ride, which thus made it possible for the hubby to open the window to get clear shots.

DSCN5589 A

And since we had failed to take a good clear shot of the Landwasser viaduct on the few occasions that we had had passed through it … we decided that we would try again. So as soon as we had passed Alvanue train station , the hubby got himself and his camera ready … as we knew that the bridge would soon be coming into view.  We could already see the Landwasser viaduct  … which spans a river called Landwasser … looming in the distance from this point, here.

DSCN5594 A

About to enter a short tunnel … with the Landwasser viaduct on the other side.

DSCN5595 A

As soon as the train came out of the tunnel,  we could see the famous Landwasser viaduct very clearly. The Landwasser viaduct is a single track six-arched curved limestone railway viaduct that was built between 1901 and 1902 and which measures 65 metres high and 130 metres long with a curve of a 100-metre radius.

DSCN5601 A

And soon we were on the famous signature viaduct of the UNESCO World Heritage listed Albula Railway  … before finally entering the Landwasser tunnel that would bring us to the other side of the mountain.

DSCN5604 A

Since we were seated near the head of the train, we were thus able to look back and see the whole long stretch of the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) train as it made its way across this famous viaduct after coming out of the first tunnel.

DSCN5608 A

As soon as we came out of the tunnel on the other side of the mountain, the landscape changed and we were quite happy when we saw that there was still snow in the area … nice!! 🙂

DSCN5612 A

Unfortunately, the weather up the mountain was misty … and later when we arrived in St Moritz,  the weather got worse.

DSCN5613 A

This was how it was when we arrived in St Moritz again, a week later … on the eve of 14 April 2012. Instead of snow, this time … our arrival was greeted by rain and mist!

DSCN5616 A

But guess what? Despite the rain, we still made our way to the youth hostel on foot instead of taking the bus! And just like the previous week, we walked as fast as our legs could carry us! hehehe …

Our room in St Moritz Youth Hostel, 14 April 2012

We were fortunate that we were able to change our room booking on this visit, when we told the staff at the reception (during our earlier visit) that the mum would not be joining us on this trip, either. They could not refund us the money that had already been paid, but they kindly offered to give us this twin bed room with private shower in exchange for the 4-bed dormitory we had booked.  So … now you know why we keep going back to this youth hostel whenever we come to St Moritz! 🙂

And this was the view from outside our room in the morning of 15 April 2012. Plenty of snow even in spring …

We were hoping that the weather would be better that day … but it started to drizzle a little as we made our way to the train station that morning. Thankfully, a bus stopped outside the youth hostel just as we were about to leave … so we decided to hop onto the bus.

St Moritz, 15 April 2012

And because of that, we were thus able to see some parts of St Moritz which we would otherwise not have seen had we chosen to walk to the train station. We were not able to enjoy these view the first time when we took the bus from the train station to the youth hostel (which was nearly two years ago when we came with the mum) as it was already dark by the time we had arrived in St Moritz.

St Moritz near the lake, 15 April 2012

So it was nice to be able to take the bus and see a little bit more of St Moritz from what we had already seen. And although the bus journey took longer than we had expected … we arrived at the train station in plenty of time to catch the bus to Pontresina.

And how is Pontresina? Well, let me show you some photos of this small spa town in the next entry …

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