Walking along lake St. Moritz …

I had hoped to share this entry after sharing the photos on the Glacier Express train more than a month ago … but I did not manage to finish it before the heavy snowfall in early December got me all excited so that I just had to share about it first. And then with one fête after another and spending quite a few weekends and holidays at the parents in December … I just could not find the time to finish this entry.

But … since it is better always late than never, so here is the continuation from our Glacier Express train ride which we did in April last year.

Since the Glacier Express did not reach St. Moritz until late in the evening, we did not have the luxury of time to check out this little town Not just the lateness of the hour … the weather, too, was not conducive either. It started to snow not long after we had arrived in St Moritz and as we were making our way to the youth hostel on foot. So … instead of dilly-dallying along the lake as we made our way to the youth hostel, we had to walk as fast as our leg could carry us!

It was lovely to  be able to enjoy snowfall in early April … and thankfully, I came well prepared with the necessary warm attire. Nevertheless, despite being dressed appropriately … I was very glad when I reached the hostel where the hubby had been waiting. He had left me two-third way en-route to walk at my own pace … so that he could arrive at the hostel earlier, in order to check-us in and then to head to the dining room to collect our dinner (since we arrived very close towards the end of the dining hours!)

And … I was even more glad and very happy when I saw that they were serving pasta for dinner that evening … with a choice of  at least 4 different pasta sauces … yummy! After the long walk under the snowfall from the train station to the youth hostel … we certainly felt very hungry. In fact, the hubby not only had a second helping of pasta, he even had a second helping of the dessert! Yup, the long walk and the cold weather had definitely stirred up our appetites! 🙂

The next morning, since we were in no great hurry to catch a train back to Lausanne, we were thus able to enjoy our breakfast leisurely (unlike during our first visit) and later took a leisurely walk along Lake St Moritz when making our way to the train station.


A view of Lake St Moritz on the eve of our arrival after taking the Glacier Express … before it started to snow.

And then the next morning …

… making our way from the youth hostel to the train station, on foot .. after a nice and leisurely breakfast.


Arriving at Lake St Moritz. The train station is on the opposite side of the lake (across diagonally).


Unlike during our first visit in February 2011  … the lake was no longer frozen solid as it was already spring when we made our second trip here. So … no cutting across the lake to reach the train station on the other side of the lake, unlike what we had done that time lah!

Lake St Moritz

As we had come from the opposite side of the lake when making our way to the youth hostel the previous evening, we decided to take the other path to get to the train station so that we could do a bit of walking along the lake. But it was a cold spring morning …

DSCN5336 B

… and there were some parts along the path which were quite icy and slippery making it a little difficult to walk.


Incredibly, this courageous old lady (she must have been in her late 70s  or early 80s) was doing her brisk walking on this very path. Not just courageous, she was kind too … as she actually stopped to tell me to be mindful of the slippery path further ahead and also warned the hubby (who was quite a way behind me) not to step onto the ice … in Swiss German! 🙂

We later saw her again when we were near the train station still doing her brisk walking around the lake … amazing!


The hubby catching up with me when I was one third along the path … as he had asked me to proceed first while he went on another direction to check on something that he had seen.

DSCN5306 B

Despite the chilling temperature, it was lovely to be able to walk along Lake St Moritz as it was a sunny morning … and the view surrounding the lake was beautiful.

The followings are some of the nice shots that we took as we walked along the lake towards the train station.  No text … so just enjoy the photos, okay?

DSCN5322 Lake 3


DSCN5348 Lake 2

DSCN5375 Lake 1

DSCN5392 Lake St Moritz, 8 April 2012

DSCN5394 Lake St Moritz, 8 April 2012

DSCN5395 Lake St Moritz, 8 April 2012




DSCN5383 Lake

DSCN5396 Lake St Moritz, 8 April 2012

The train station up ahead …

DSCN5400 Train station

… and the familiar red and white Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn train waiting on the platform. Thankfully, this time round, we did not have to run to catch the train, unlike a year earlier! 🙂

And as usual, while we were walking along the lake, the hubby could not resist picking up the litter that he saw along the lake-shore. I could see the others who were walking along the lake looking at what the hubby was doing … and wondering about it! Hopefully, his action would spur others to try and do the same … as it was a pity to see such a beautiful lake being marred by litter thrown by irresponsible people!

Coming up … our ride on the Bernina Express!

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8 thoughts on “Walking along lake St. Moritz …

  1. I was just teasing lah, Ros! Tak akan adanya publisher yang nak terbitkan buku perjalanan I. But it is nice when some people wrote in to say that they found the information in the entry useful for them to plan their travel, alhamdullilah …

    ps; thanks for letting me know that the seeds have arrived. Semoga all the seeds berjaya ditanam di Melaka! Kalau dah dapat hasil nanti, kenanglah daku semasa menikmatinya, hehehe …


  2. Sorry…..saya terlupa nak beritahu yang kiriman you tu baru sebentar tadi selamat saya terima. Banyak sungguh benih yang you kirimkan..! Terima kasih banyak CT. Moga-moga bertambah murah rezeki you dan hasil tanaman tahun ini akan menjadi.. (boleh berjualan di bawah flat nanti…hehehe)


  3. That is a very good idea CT. Mungkin you boleh cari mana-mana syarikat yang boleh terbitkan buku tu sebab dari pemerhatian saya terhadap entry yang you up date setiap hari memang lengkap dan dapat membantu sesiapa yang ingin melancong ketempat-tempat yang you telah lawati.


  4. Ros, kalau betul dapat terbitkan buku best jugak! Lebih2 lagi kalau dibayar untuk melancong to write the book! 🙂


  5. Syabas Paul, may other people will do the same thing !
    CT, rasanya you boleh terbitkan buku panduan melancong..hehehe


  6. You are most welcome SL. You should go there, not just to St Moritz but all the other famous alpine resorts in that area like Davos, Klosters, etc. They are very lovely. And yup, Paul hates to see litter. he even picked them up when we go holidays elsewhere! hehehe … We had some snow this morning but they are all gone by afternoon!


  7. Beautiful post with beautiful pics, Sity….makes me want to go there too…..as I have said before, you and Paul are great guides to newbies like me….thanks so much :)… Paul picking up litter…..absolutely admirable, beliau menjadi teladan yang sungguh baik :))….seems we are expecting lots of snow this week, enjoy!


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